The new Sonos Ace headphones are over-the-ear Bluetooth headphones that offer spatial audio, active noise cancellation (ANC), an Aware mode and replaceable ear cushions. The Sonos Ace is (mainly) intended for indoor use and especially for watching TV thanks to new TrueCinema technology.

Not only Sonos enthusiasts but also many other audio enthusiasts were eagerly awaiting Sonos’ first headphones. The long wait for the Sonos headphones has finally been rewarded, because Sonos is launching the Sonos Ace.

Important features:
Enjoy hi-fi sound: two specially designed drivers must reproduce every frequency with utmost precision and clarity.
Your own private cinema: Sonos Ace provides a surround cinema experience, while others in the home can enjoy peace and quiet. Switch TV audio from a compatible Sonos soundbar to Sonos Ace with the touch of a button. Spatial audio with Dolby Atmos then surrounds you with detailed sound from every direction, and dynamic head tracking keeps you in the middle of the action – even if you need to grab a blanket or snacks. Scheduled for release later this year, Sonos’ all-new TrueCinema technology accurately maps your space and then produces a complete surround sound system for a listening experience so realistic you’ll forget you’re wearing headphones, according to the makers.
ANC and Aware mode: Make personal listening even more personal with active noise cancellation or if you turn on Aware mode if you want to be more aware of your surroundings. Whether you’re walking through a busy street or working in the office.
A battery that lasts all day and charges quickly: you can listen or talk for up to 30 hours with an energy-efficient battery. You can also charge extra quickly: with the included USB-C cable you can charge the headphones within 3 minutes for 3 hours of battery life.

Sonos Ace for indoors
Sonos positions the Sonos Ace mainly for indoors if you want a cinema experience, while others are reading a book in the living room, for example. Sonos offers TrueCinema technology for this, unfortunately this will only be available later this year.
Of course, you can take it outside and listen to music in the garden, but the Sonos Ace cannot withstand a (good) rain shower, so that also indicates which direction Sonos is going with the Sonos Ace.
By the way, I have already worn the Sonos Ace and listened to music and watched a short film. However, I am not allowed to report anything further about this yet, but the review will soon appear on

Intuitive design and comfort
According to Sonos, Sonos Ace is made to look and feel as good as it sounds. The distinctive and slim profile combines metal accents with a stylish matte finish and suits almost any style.
Setting up and storing the Sonos Ace is very easy: thanks to the contrasting colors in the ear cups, you can immediately see what is left and what is right. And the tactile buttons make it easy to operate when you’re wearing it. When you’re done listening, you can effortlessly store the Sonos Ace in the lightweight travel case. By turning the earcups a quarter turn, they take up as little space as possible.
In terms of comfort, the Sonos Ace is made of lightweight, premium materials that ensure a slim silhouette and a fit that hugs your head, as it were. The silky-soft memory foam ear cushions are wrapped in vegan leather, and the specially designed headband and ear cups that conceal the hinge create a perfect acoustic seal without catching on your hair.

Durable thanks to replaceable ear cushions
Sonos Ace is designed to last and be worn every day. The headphones have replaceable ear cushions, are made with circular materials that use 17% less new plastic, and the travel case consists of 75% recycled felt made from plastic bottles. Developed with energy savings in mind, wear detection pauses the music when you turn off Sonos Ace. This way you don’t have to charge as often.

Price, colors and availability
Sonos Ace will be available from June 5 for €499 in soft white (almost beige) and black.