With their latest Bravia TVs, Sony wants to respond to the fact that more and more people are watching a lot of films and series from streaming services at home. And there you want a very good image with increased brightness, richer colors and sharper details in dark scenes. And good sound. Read all about image and sound quality and the new models and prices here.

With the rise of streaming services, watching movies at home has become more popular. Sony’s wide range of products, including digital film cameras, professional monitors and headphones, are widely used in the film industry. This gives Sony very good insight into the intentions of filmmakers and content creators. By unifying TVs, soundbars and other home audio technologies under one brand, Sony offers consumers a complete solution for a beautiful home theater.

Sony Bravia
In the new Bravia line-up, Sony is launching various TV models in three series, with the Bravia 9 being the flagship with high peak luminance, deep black tones, excellent contrast and natural colors. A key factor here is the high peak brightness of the Bravia 9 Mini LED model, which together with precise backlight control ensures optimal illumination of the image. This allows the viewer to notice subtle details that the filmmaker has incorporated into each scene. This precision is especially evident in the Studio Calibrated modes, which have been developed in collaboration with streaming services to represent the filmmaker’s vision as faithfully as possible.

Image quality
・XR Processor: Sony’s XR Processor plays an important role in how image quality is delivered. This advanced scene recognition system accurately analyzes and detects the data within each scene and optimizes it for maximum realism. The goal is to reproduce the filmmaker’s intention as accurately as possible.
・XR Backlight Master Drive: Inspired by Sony’s professional monitors used in the film industry, the XR Backlight Master Drive uses an advanced local dimming algorithm. This system controls thousands of LEDs individually, resulting in exceptional contrast and the preservation of fine shadow details, even in the darkest scenes. This ensures a richer and more realistic image display.
・High peak luminance: For scenes that contain natural light, such as a sunlit, snowy mountain landscape, high peak luminance is essential. Sony’s TVs with their increased luminance bring these natural scenes to life with unparalleled clarity and detail, even in bright daylight conditions.

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Sony Brighter
Up to approximately 50% brighter than the 2023 X95L model

・X-Anti Reflection and This improves the vision of pure black and deeper colors. In addition, the X-Wide Angle technology ensures that the images from every angle, whether you are sitting sideways or straight in front of the TV, are equally clear and colorful, without loss of detail or color saturation.

Sound quality
・Acoustic Multi-Audio: The new Bravia 9 TVs feature Acoustic Multi-Audio+, marking a first as the world’s first TVs with a Beam Tweeter on the top and a Frame Tweeter on the sides. This innovation delivers a cinema-like surround sound where the sound seems to come from exactly the right place.
・ Voice Zoom 3: Sony’s Voice Zoom 3 uses advanced AI algorithms to recognize speech and automatically adjust the volume, making even short dialogue clear and intelligible. This technology is integrated with the Bravia Theater home audio systems, creating a beautiful audio experience that improves the clarity of conversations.
・Acoustic Center Sync: With Acoustic Center Sync, your sound system, such as a soundbar, is properly synchronized with your TV. This simulates the setup in movie theaters where a speaker is placed directly behind the screen and projects the sound forward. This makes the dialogue and sound effects seem to come straight from the action onto the screen. When paired with Bravia TVs and Bravia Theater products, this feature ensures that the sound from the TV speakers and soundbar work together optimally.

Bravia Connect App
Settings for Voice Zoom 3, Acoustic Center Sync and connected Bravia Theater audio products can be easily managed via the Bravia Connect App. Formerly known as the Home Entertainment Connect App, this app allows users to change their audio settings without a menu bar appearing on the TV screen, keeping the movie experience uninterrupted.

Bravia’s advanced image and sound technologies
Bravia TVs offer a variety of Studio Calibrated modes to deliver picture quality at home that stays true to the filmmakers’ vision. These modes were specifically developed in collaboration with leading streaming services to reproduce the original visual intent of the content creators:
* Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode – This mode adjusts picture settings based on the content and viewing environment, focusing on the filmmakers’ intent.
* SONY PICTURES CORE Calibrated Mode (formerly known as Bravia CORE Calibrated Mode) – This mode is designed to optimize picture quality for Sony Pictures content, approaching original studio quality.
* Newly introduced Prime Video Calibrated Mode – This addition gives users a new way to experience movies through Prime Video, tailored to the filmmakers’ vision.

In addition, Bravia TVs and Bravia Theater home audio products are compatible with IMAX Enhanced. This certificate, obtained from IMAX and DTS, ensures that the devices meet the strict requirements to simulate the IMAX movie experience at home, including IMAX Enhanced picture and sound with DTS:X. This functionality is available for SONY PICTURES CORE and select movies on Disney+.
Furthermore, SONY PICTURES CORE introduces the Crunchyroll streaming service, which focuses on anime. This makes a wide range of anime series accessible to customers within their streaming package.
Bravia also supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. These technologies deliver a brighter picture, sharper contrast, richer colors and immersive sound when watching content on popular streaming services such as Disney+, Prime Video and Netflix, further enriching the viewing experience at home.

Innovations for accessibility
* Talkback screen reading feature: This feature provides auditory feedback to help users navigate the program menus and settings without having to see the screen. It also enables enlargement of text and other visual elements on the screen, allowing visually impaired users to better interact with the TV.
*Tactile dots on connections: Bravia TVs and Bravia Theater products have tactile dots on their HDMI and S-Center connections, making it easier to find and connect these ports. This feature is designed to make installation smoother for users with visual impairments.
* Color Inversion: Color inversion allows users to adjust color settings so that bright areas become dark and dark areas become light. This improves readability for users who have better vision at specific contrast settings. This feature can easily be enabled or disabled depending on the user’s preference.
* Voice commands and shortcut commands: Voice commands allow users to control the TV, such as turning it on and off and adjusting volume, without physically interacting with the TV. In addition, there are shortcut commands that allow accessibility features to be activated or deactivated quickly and easily, so that all users, regardless of their needs, can use the same device stress-free.

Overview of Bravia TV models and prices
These Bravia models are now available for pre-order via local Sony online stores and will also be available from authorized dealers in the Benelux from mid-June.


Model name

Screen size

Price (in EUR)


Sony 85” BRAVIA 9 – 4K QLED (XR | Mini LED)



Sony 75” BRAVIA 9 – 4K QLED (XR | Mini LED)



Sony 77” BRAVIA 8 – 4K OLED



Sony 65” BRAVIA 8 – 4K OLED



Sony 55” BRAVIA 8 – 4K OLED



Sony 85” BRAVIA 7 – 4K QLED (XR | Mini LED)



Sony 75” BRAVIA 7 – 4K QLED (XR | Mini LED)



Sony 65” BRAVIA 7 – 4K QLED (XR | Mini LED)