Spotted slightly modified Tesla Model 3

In the always busy corridors where the latest Tesla gossip is being discussed, it has been buzzing for a while about possible updates for the Tesla Model 3. Today images surfaced of a Model 3 that is slightly different from the ones we have in the Netherlands so well. to know.

Twitterer and Tesla fan Whole Mars Catalog (@WholeMarsBlog) spotted some slight changes to the Tesla’s Model 3 parked there at the Gigafactory in Fremont. Although Tesla has not yet mentioned the changes and they cannot yet be found in the configurator, chances are that the changes he spotted are very make their appearance soon.

On the outside, nothing seems to be going on until you realize that the light border around the panes is not polished, but white. The white protective film comes off here and there and then shows a black decorative strip around the side window.

It could be that Tesla will offer this as a ‘sporty’ option, but knowing the brand, a complete and standard transition from chrome to black seems more logical. The Tesla Model Y, the SUV brother of the Model 3, also gets black trim as standard. Such a ‘chrome delete’ is also a popular modification among Model 3 owners. Tesla probably kills two birds with one stone, because the matte black strip seems to us to produce cheaper than the beautiful, shiny whole that can now be found on the cars.

The trim in question also includes the exterior mirrors. The door handles and the ornament around the side indicators and cameras, directly behind the front wheel, are also black on the cars photographed. The logos and type designations remain chromed, as is the case now. Incidentally, the spotted cars are not equipped with dark ‘privacy glass’ for the rear side windows, as is standard with the Model Y.

Tesla Model 3 updates

Tesla Model 3 updates

New (top) and ‘old’ (bottom). Note the stitching.

Some minor changes have also been made on the inside. The most striking of these – everything is relative – is the double stitching along the center tunnel. Now that edge on the Model 3 is made of plastic (photo 6), but it seems that Tesla wants to cover the whole with artificial leather. The center compartment itself is unfortunately still covered. However, the usually well-informed reports that we can expect some changes here too, including in the form of differently positioned cup holders and a new charging tray for mobile phones, directly below the screen.

It’s not surprising that the Model 3 gets some minor updates. The car already appeared on the American market in 2017 and is now about three years old there. It is striking that the much newer Model Y still has an interior that, except for the dimensions, seems to come directly from the Model 3. The older model apparently gets the changes first, and then perhaps followed by the Model Y.

It is also interesting that the Model 3s photographed appear to be destined for Europe. The large rear license plate base plate gives that away. One car is even right-hand drive. The changes will probably immediately be intended for the whole world. This in itself is no surprise, because Tesla likes to keep its production processes and order lists as simple as possible.

Whether the Model 3 will also get modified headlight units and an electric tailgate, as previously predicted, is unfortunately not clear from these images. When exactly the changes are implemented, neither.

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