Stay under the limit of your data bundle with these 6 tips!

Have you switched to a cheap phone plan to save money? Or do you only have few MBs per month? Then of course you do not want to exceed the limit of your data bundle. Not going to happen either, with these tips to stay under the limit of your data bundle!

Tips for a limited data bundle

With a small data bundle you should always be careful with your MBs. Even if you save money by switching to a cheap subscription, there is a good chance that you will receive a smaller data bundle. It is then of course important that you stay below that, otherwise you will miss your target right away.

Depending on your plan, you may not pay a lot more if you exceed the limit, but often your internet speed will be limited. And surfing the internet at a snail’s pace is of course no fun either. With these tips you will definitely stay under the limit of your data bundle!

1. Calling via WhatsApp

Perhaps the most obvious tip is calling via WhatsApp. If you are connected to your WiFi network at home, you can call via WhatsApp completely free of charge. A savings of 100 percent! So make sure that you are connected to WiFi, otherwise data will still be deducted from your bundle.

tips data bundle limit

Without WiFi, you don’t use calling minutes when calling via WhatsApp, but MBs. That is about 500 KB to more than 1 MB per minute. Whether that is still cheaper than ‘normal’ calling depends very much on your subscription.

2. Download music in advance

download spotify

If you like to listen to music while exercising or when you’re on the road, you use quite a bit of data. You can easily prevent this by downloading music in advance via WiFi.

You have that option with both Apple Music and Spotify. The only ‘disadvantage’ is that you have to think in advance what you want to listen to. But as long as your iPhone has enough storage space, it won’t be a problem.

3. Download series via Netflix

tips data bundle limit

It’s nice to watch Netflix on the bus or train, but streaming via WiFi in public transport is no fun. Often you just lose the WiFi connection and your iPhone switches to your data connection.

So avoid problems and download that favorite series in advance. Then you know for sure that you have something nice to watch, without it costing you tons of data. You’ll find the ‘Download’ button when you clicked on a movie or series in Netflix. Unfortunately, the option is not available everywhere…

4. Adjust YouTube settings

Number 3 of these tips for staying under the limit of your data bundle can also be used for YouTube. But only if you have YouTube Premium. If you only have the free version, you can’t avoid using data when you don’t have WiFi. However, you can limit the amount of data you use.

tips data bundle limit

The video quality is set to ‘Automatic’ by default. In the Settings of the YouTube app you can easily adjust that to ‘Data Saver’. If you watch a lot of YouTube videos without WiFi, you can save a lot with that. You can also set this option separately for streaming via WiFi and for streaming via mobile network. Use it to your advantage!

5. iCloud backup only over Wi-Fi

tips data bundle limit

What you should definitely check is the option ‘iCloud backup’. It may be enabled, but you don’t want that backup to be made using mobile data. You check it like this:

  • Open the Settings app and tap your name;
  • Tap iCloud, then tap iCloud Backup;
  • Make sure “Mobile Network Backup” is turned off.

6. Check your provider’s app!

app provider

Of course it is important that you know exactly how your data usage is and you can see that in the app of your provider. You see what you have used and how long you still have to do with the remaining data. This way you know at a glance whether you need to save even more for the rest of the month, or whether you can go wild the last few days!

More tips to save money

In addition to these tips, you can do even more to save money. iPhoned This month is even all about saving money. We’ll show you many more ways that you can ultimately save money. So keep a close eye on our iPhoned website!

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