Still an Apple event in October: you can expect these products

On Tuesday, Apple surprised with the announcement of an event that starts next week. The event is called ‘Scary Fast’ and all indications are that the tech giant will make several product unveilings. What could it be?

New Apple products in October

The event will take place on the night of Monday 30 to Tuesday 31 October, at 1:00 am Dutch time. On the Apple Eventspage gives the company a bit of the subject of the event. Here, the iconic Apple logo is transformed into the Finder icon of the Mac via an animation.

So it will be a Mac party. The name ‘Scary Fast’ seems to imply that Apple is ready to unveil the new M3 chip for the Mac, which is significantly more powerful than its predecessor. Renowned Apple insider Mark Gurman writes that Apple has tested the new MacBook Pros with M3 Max and M3 Pro, so it appears that these devices are being updated.

New MacBook Pro with M3

It is striking that Apple will probably release new MacBook Pro models, because they were not so long ago upgraded to the M2 Pro and M2 Max. That was in January 2023. According to Gurman, the chips will contain up to 16 CPU cores and up to 40 GPU cores, making them the most powerful MacBooks yet.

Another Mac that Apple is likely to renew is the iMac. It will have an M3 chip, according to Gurman. Other than that, there are reportedly few bigger changes. However, the internal design of the standard has been slightly adjusted. Gurman expects the colors to remain similar, so there are again many cheerful shades to choose from.

The Apple insider further claims that Apple will not be renewing the MacBook Air, Mac mini, Mac Studio and Mac Pro this month. It will probably remain with a 14-inch MacBook Pro, 16-inch MacBook Pro and an iMac 2023 with M3 processor.

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