Streaks Workout is Apple’s free App of the Week

Apple declared the fitness app Streaks Workout as App of the Week this week. This will help you find and keep track of the perfect workouts for your schedule.

Streaks Workout: exercises for your situation

Every week on Thursdays, Apple proclaims an app or game as the free App of the Week. This week, Streaks Workout is in the spotlight, an app that helps you find the right exercises for a specific situation.

As soon as you open Streaks Workout you choose how long you want to train. This varies from fast exercises of 6 minutes to longer workouts that last half an hour. Then you choose which exercises you want to do, where you can indicate whether there are exercises that you do not want to do. In this way you can focus on muscle groups that you want to give more or less attention.

The great thing about Streaks Workout is that you don’t need expensive equipment for the exercises from the app, just a floor (with maybe a mat) and some time. Everything you train you do with your own body weight or gravity. This way you do not need free weights to perform the exercises.

Streaks Workout also records your sports performance in the Health app. Moreover, the app also has support for Apple TV, so you can also do your daily exercises in front of the big screen. This way, you don’t have to lie on the floor with your iPhone in your hand while you want to do your exercises.

Download Streaks Workout

Via the link below you can download Streaks Workout for free in the App Store. To use the app you need iOS 8 or newer and about 43MB of free storage space. Please note: a new app will be launched next Thursday, after which Streaks Workout is no longer free.

Download Streaks Workout from the App Store (free)

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