Sub Mini is coming – app hints at smaller Sonos subwoofer

Your whole house is already full of Sonos and you were only waiting for a smaller subwoofer? Then we have good news, because a Sonos Sub Mini might be coming soon.

Sub Mini popped up in the app

Sonos may be about to unveil a new subwoofer. A user on reddit posted a screenshot of the Sonos app showing an unofficially announced Sub Mini.

The unannounced product has a ‘cylindrical housing’ according to the screenshot. There is no information about the price or the release date yet. So far it is only known that two Sub Mini can not work together, because that is also stated in the app.

Comparison with the ordinary Sub

With the regular Sub, Sonos has had a subwoofer in its portfolio for years. The current generation of the Sub costs 850 euros, which is probably quite expensive for many Sonos customers – especially compared to the other Sonos speakers. Except for the soundbar called Arc, all other Sonos speakers cost significantly less than the subwoofer. And Ikea offers its Sonos-compatible Symfonisk speakers even cheaper.

Anyone who spends about 200 euros or less on a Sonos speaker will hardly be willing to pay four times that amount for a subwoofer. A cheaper Sonos subwoofer makes the purchase more attractive, and the manufacturer can sell more products.

New features for Sonos

Last month, Sonos released some new features for its own products. Thanks to a firmware update, the Arc, Beam (first and second generation), Playbar, as well as the Playbase and Amp support the DTS Digital Surround sound format.

For the models with battery, Roam and Move, there is a new setting to switch off the speaker completely if it is not used for 30 minutes. This is Sonos’ way of extending battery life if the speaker is used only occasionally.

By the end of 2021, Sonos products should be able to play music from Amazon Music Unlimited in Ultra HD resolution. In addition, support for Dolby Atmos Music will follow this year.

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