Summer time – Winter time, these watches are always on time

Twice a year, the clock is moved forward one hour at 2 a.m. due to summer or winter time. Of course, you don’t have to get up for that, but you do have to think about it the next morning. Did you know that there are also watches that you never have to manually set the time?

From now on you will never forget to set your watch to (winter/summer) time again! Enjoy sleeping in an extra hour on Sunday with one of these watches:

Digital watches

Most digital watches set themselves the time! You only have to enter your time zone and date once and the watch will always set itself to the correct time! Many brands have digital watches in their collection. But one of the best-known and most loved brands is Casio, which has been setting the tone with their digital watches since the 1970s.

Casio Vintage
▴ Casio Vintage

Diesel Crusher
▴ Diesel Crusher

Tissot PRX
▴ Tissot PRX

Exact timekeeping: GPS watches

All GPS satellites have three or four atomic clocks on board that keep time accurately to the nanosecond. The time and the exact position of the satellite are sent along with the GPS signal. From this data and the duration of the signal, the exact position in three dimensions and the time on the watch are determined with four satellites.

This is especially important for athletes who use their watch or fitness tracker to accurately measure distance and time. For example, surfers use watches to track their last surf. GPS is also often incorporated into running watches. The Seiko Astron, on the other hand, is a very chic and high-quality watch that also uses GPS technology.

Citizen Promaster GPS watch
▴ Citizen Promaster GPS watch

Seiko Astron GPS watch
▴ Seiko Astron GPS watch

Radio controlled watches

Radio-controlled watches go one step further than ‘normal’ digital watches. Radio controlled watches contain a tiny antenna that receives signals from an atomic clock. These highly accurate atomic clocks are located in various places around the world and transmit a time signal that is used to synchronize station clocks, traffic lights, computer networks and clocks and watches. This means that the watch shows the correct time and date anywhere in the world. A radio-controlled watch can have both a digital and analogue dial. A well-known brand that produces radio-controlled watches is Citizen.

You can read more information about how a radio controlled watch works in this blog.

G-Shock Frogman
▴ G-Shock Frogman

Bering radio controlled
▴ Bering radio controlled

Citizen Promaster
▴Citizen Promaster

Smart watches

Smartphones also use GPS technology. By linking your smartwatch to your smartphone, the watch always displays the correct time. But that’s not all you can do with your smartwatch. You will receive notifications of received messages, track your activities and much more.

Other smartwatches synchronize with your smartphone via Bluetooth and always have the correct time and date.

Garmin Venu
▴ Garmin Venu

Casio Edifice Bluetooth
▴ Casio Edifice Bluetooth

G-Shock G-Squad
▴ G-Shock G-Squad

Would you like to adjust the time on your watch yourself? Note the crown

Pay close attention to the crown when setting the time on an analog watch. Not pushing the crown back after setting the time is a common mistake. Always proceed with caution. The last thing you want is a damaged timepiece. There are three steps to keep in mind: always turn the hands clockwise and only set the date more than three hours before or after midnight. Finally, don’t forget to press or screw down the crown when you finish setting your watch to protect the watch’s water resistance.

You can read more information about the different types of watch crowns in our blog ‘What is the crown of your watch?’

Hamilton Intra-matic with push-pull crown and pushers
▴ Hamilton Intra-matic with push-pull crown and pushers

Certina DS Action with screw-down crown
▴ Certina DS Action with screw-down crown

Sleep well, your watch does the work

Now that you know which watches automatically set themselves to the correct time and date, you can sleep in the next time the clock goes forward or backward. Your watch does the work. Sleep well!

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