Suzuki Across considerably cheaper

It was a bit of a shock when Suzuki announced in September what RAV4 derivative Suzuki Across should cost. Fortunately, the soup is not eaten as hot as it was served: the car is more than 9,000 euros cheaper.

65,000 euros. That’s what Suzuki initially asked for the Across, basically a Toyota RAV4 PHEV with a Suzuki nose and some other minor differences. For that amount you get a hefty SUV with lots of interior space, a proven hybrid powertrain and over 300 hp, but it remains a lot of money for a mid-range SUV.

Suzuki seems to recognize that itself and already provides the Across with a different price tag. Very different, we may say, because with € 55,900 the car turns out to be no less than € 9,100 cheaper than previously announced. That difference isn’t even that far from what a complete Suzuki Celerio two years ago. This makes the car almost as expensive as a competitor like the Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4, which also offers 300 hybrid horsepower for € 55,020.

Moreover, the Across is not tinkered with outside of the price. The generous standard equipment therefore remains intact. The only available version includes LED lighting all around, 19-inch light alloy, heated front and rear seats, heated steering wheel, a range of safety aids and an infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple Carplay.

There are hardly any separate options. Even the (metallic) colors silver gray, gray, black and dark blue don’t cost a cent extra. Only for pearl white and ‘Sensual red’ the cut has to be pulled open again, for an extra investment of € 995.


The fact that the largest Suzuki is already getting a lower price is unusual to say the least. Suzuki has the special position in the Netherlands that it is allowed to carry its version of the RAV4 PHEV earlier than Toyota itself, which keeps its first copies for other countries. The Across also arrived here earlier than in the countries around us. Suzuki had to come up with a price quickly, but it now turns out to be overestimated. The price reduction brings the Dutch price more in line with the price in our neighboring countries and also fits better with the price that Toyota has in mind for the RAV4 PHEV. With its new price, the Across should be just a bit more attractive than the plug-in RAV4, although the prices of that car are not yet known.

Anyone who has already ordered an Across does not have to worry. Suzuki promises that the first buyers will also pay the new price. So they get a part of the amount paid back.

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