Swiss ‘CBR’ visiting the Netherlands for theory exam

‘Champions League’

Swiss ‘CBR’ visiting the Netherlands for theory exam

A delegation from the Swiss equivalent of ‘our’ CBR visited the Netherlands to discover how we approach the theory exam. According to the Swiss, this is done in a much better way than they are used to.

The delegation from the Association des Services des Automobiles (ASA) was particularly curious about the ‘hazard recognition’ part, Rijschoolpro reports. Hazard recognition has been part of the theory exam in the Netherlands since 2009 and the aim – as the name suggests – is for participants to recognize potentially dangerous situations in a timely manner and to act accordingly. The Swiss are said to be of the opinion that the Dutch theory exam is ‘of Champions League level’ partly because of this part, and they say they would like to grow to that level.

However, the working visit was not one-way traffic, because according to Rijschoolpro, the CBR also listened carefully to the people of ASA. For example, the pass rate for both the practical and theory exams is much higher than ours, at 66 and 75+ percent respectively. In Switzerland, young people have recently been allowed to start driving at the age of 17, and often do so over a longer period of time, for quite a few kilometers and at different times of the year. This provides extra experience, even before the actual practical exam is taken.

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