Take a look: iPhone 14 Pro (Max) may be considerably more expensive

Bad news for the wallet: the price of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max may go up quite a bit. According to a well-known good, the iPhone 14 series as a whole will therefore be on average 15 percent more expensive than the iPhone 13.

Price iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max goes up in the air

Inflation is flying around us and that will probably also affect the price of the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. According to the well-known tasty Ming-Chi Kuo the iPhone 14 series will, on average, be about 15 percent more expensive than the iPhone 13 series.

That’s partly due to a price increase of the Pro variants, but there are more reasons. The small, relatively affordable iPhone 13 mini will not get a successor and will be replaced by the large iPhone 14 Max. It is not cheaper, but more expensive than the base model. The difference is probably at least 200 euros. As a result, the average price of the iPhone 14 immediately skyrockets.

iPhone 14 Pro price

Yet we also look forward to the price tag of the iPhone 14 Pro with fear and trembling. It seems likely that the price in the United States will increase from 999 to at least 1099 dollars. What that means for the Netherlands remains to be seen. You would think it would go from 1159 to 1259 euros here, but we are also dealing with a very weak euro. As a result, the price of the MacBook Air has already risen enormously. It seems quite plausible to us that the iPhone 14 Pro will cost at least 1300 euros here. The iPhone 14 Pro Max will of course be even more expensive.

There is also a little bit of good news: the ‘regular’ iPhone 14 may increase in price much less. Apple seems to want to make the difference with the Pro line greater. That is why the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max probably run on the ‘old’ A15 chip that is also already in the iPhone 13. That saves costs. The iPhone 13 currently costs 909 euros from Apple. We expect the iPhone 14 to remain just under 1000 euros.

Everything you need to know about the iPhone 14 Pro (Max)

Unlike the normal iPhone 14, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max do get a new and faster A16 chip. We also expect a fresh design that says goodbye to the notch: the sensors will soon be hidden in two holes. In addition, Apple provides the Pros with an improved 48 megapixel camera. It shoots sharper pictures and also makes 8K video possible for the first time. You can also look forward to an always on screen on which you can always read the time and your notifications.

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