Tesla and Toyota dominate the Dutch car market

3 in 10 new EVs are Teslas

Tesla Model 3

Tesla and Toyota were the absolute rulers of the Dutch car market in March. In the electrical field, Tesla is by far the largest. Nearly one in three of the electric cars registered in March were Teslas.

In March, 37,119 new passenger cars were registered in our country. That was 0.5 percent less than in the same month last year. This makes March the first month of this year in which fewer new cars were registered than in the same month the year before. Of the more than 37,000 new passenger cars on the road in the Netherlands in March, 13,051 were fully electric. This means that EVs had a market share of over 35 percent in March. However, cars with a hybrid powertrain (15,406 units) claimed the largest share of the registration pie. Cars with a petrol engine without electrification assistance accounted for a market share of almost 22 percent with 7,991 registrations. Diesel cars play a role in the margin with a market share of 1.1 percent, just like cars with a machine under the hood that requires LPG (0.7 percent market share).

Fuel type ratio – March 2024

Fuel type Number Market share
1 Hybrid 15,406 41.5%
2 Electric 13,051 35.2%
3 Petrol 7,991 21.5%
4 Diesel 415 1.1%
5 LPG 256 0.7%

Toyota is in the lead, Tesla is also dominating

Toyota was the brand that registered the most cars in the Netherlands in March. With 3,939 registrations in March, more than one in ten new cars registered in the Netherlands was a Toyota. Tesla finished in second place in March. With 3,957 registered cars, it is breathing down Toyota’s neck. Places three to five go to Volvo, Kia and BMW, respectively.

Most popular car brands in the Netherlands – March 2024

Brand Number Market share
1 Toyota 3,979 10.7%
2 Tesla 3,957 10.7%
3 Volvo 3,494 9.4%
4 Kia 3,006 8.1%
5 BMW 1,988 5.3%

Most popular cars in the Netherlands – March 2024

Brand Fashion model Number Market share
1 Tesla Model Y 2,386 6.4%
2 Tesla Model 3 1,510 4.1%
3 Toyota Aygo 1,421 3.8%
4 Volvo EX30 1,173 3.2%
5 Volvo XC40 1,172 3.2%

The Tesla Model Y was by far the most popular new car in our country in March, with 2,386 registered copies. The Model Y had a market share of 6.4 percent. The number two is also from Tesla: the Model 3. With 1,510 registrations and a market share of 4.1 percent, that EV is also doing well. Number three is the only non-electrified or electric car in the top 5 models: the Toyota Aygo Big brother XC40 (EX40) is in fifth place.

Most popular electric cars

Logically, the Tesla Model Y is not only the most popular new car in March, but also the most popular electric one. Not surprisingly, the Model 3 also takes second place. Nearly one in five new EVs registered in March was a Model Y. Nearly 30 percent of all registered new EVs were a Tesla. The Volvo EX30 was the third most popular new EV in our country, followed by the XC40 and the Kia Niro EV.

Most popular electric cars in the Netherlands – March 2024

Brand Fashion model Number Market share
1 Tesla Model Y 2,386 18.2%
2 Tesla Model 3 1,510 11.6%
3 Volvo EX30 1,173 9%
4 Volvo XC40 983 7.5%
5 Kia Niro EV 646 4.9%

Only one in five new cars is purchased by private individuals

According to Bovag, just under 21 percent of the total number of registered new passenger cars consists of cars sold by private individuals. The rest consists of business cars, lease or rental cars. A year ago that was 19 percent.

– Thanks for information from Autoweek.nl

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