Tesla Model 3 used car supply: supply is rising, price is steadily falling

Between 25k and 30k for an early one

Tesla Model 3

February 2024 will mark five years since the keys to the first Tesla Model 3 were handed over to a Dutch owner. The first generation of the Model 3 would subsequently become a permanent fixture on Dutch roads and is now one of the most numerous EVs in our country. As is the case with cars that were once new: over time they find their way to the used car market. It becomes clear that prices for a second-hand Model 3 are falling, but that you won’t find anything for much less than €25,000.

Back to 2019

At the beginning of 2019, the name ‘Tesla’ was still an exotic one, mainly known for the Model S. That was a fairly popular liftback, which received a lot of attention at the time with dizzying sprints from zero to one hundred and interesting gestures that you would not find in any other car. could find. The major disadvantage of the Model S: the price. The biggest one cost more than a grand and an entry-level model was still completely out of reach for Jan Modaal. So when Tesla brought the Model 3 to Europe in 2019 as a cheaper alternative to the Model S, there was no shortage of attention.

Tesla Model 3

An early Tesla Model 3.

Best-selling car of 2019

That attention translated into 29,948 models sold in 2019. No other model came even close to these numbers. Established names such as the Volkswagen Polo and Ford Focus together did not even reach the sales figures recorded by the Tesla Model 3. That hype was short-lived; In 2020, ‘only’ 8,373 copies were sold and in 2021 that number dropped even further to 2,566. The latter partly had to do with the Tesla Model Y, which took over from the Model 3. However, the 2019 batch will be five years old in 2024 and so the Model 3 will go en masse to the used car market. That’s where it gets interesting.

Ask, please

Figures from AutoTrack.nl indicate that the demand for a second-hand Tesla Model 3 is steadily increasing, while the average asking price is slowly falling. Compared to January 2022, demand for the Model 3 has more than doubled in October 2023. While the Tesla Model 3 still made up 0.13 percent of all searches in January 2022, this has increased to 0.27 percent from the summer of 2023. A small dip can be seen in October, which could be related to the price drops that the brand implemented for new models in September. However, the dip is too small to present this as an important fact.

Tesla Model 3 buying guide

Price decreases

If we look at the average price for a Tesla Model 3, it is clear that it is slowly falling. You still can’t buy a Model 3 for bargain prices, but the average price is according to Gaspedal.nl was still €47,616 in January 2023, it dropped to €37,262 in October 2023. A drop of more than ten thousand euros in less than a year means, among other things, that supply exceeds demand. If you go for an entry-level car from the 2019-2020 period, prices of well under €30,000 are no longer an exception. For that money, a new EV is often considerably smaller, barer and with a smaller range.

Model 3 popular used car

The Tesla Model 3 is therefore a popular used car and the 2019-2020 crop is an excellent alternative to the smaller EVs that you can get new for comparable prices. The supply is large and continues to grow, while the price continues to drop steadily. If you really want to find the Model 3 for next to nothing, you will have to be patient.

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– Thanks for information from Autoweek.nl

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