Test: Alpina B5 GT – the last from Buchloe

End of 45 years of Alpina’s based on the 5-series

Alpina B5 GTAlpina B5 GTAlpina B5 GTAlpina B5 GTAlpina B5 GTAlpina B5 GTAlpina B5 GTAlpina B5 GTAlpina B5 GTAlpina B5 GTAlpina B5 GTAlpina B5 GT

Alpina B5 GT

Because Alpina will be merged with BMW from 2026, the Alpina B5 GT is the last new Alpina. This puts an end to 45 years of fast variants of the BMW 5-series. The B5 GT is available in a limited edition of 250 pieces. AutoWeek drove it.

What does the GT have more than the Alpina B5?

When the B5 BiTurbo Allrad based on the outgoing 5 Series was presented in 2017, BMW had already decided that it would only offer its most powerful engines with xDrive all-wheel drive. Alpina had to follow, which resulted in an AWD range with eight-speed automatic transmission. To compensate, the B5 received four-wheel steering and Alpina was allowed to equip the Touring variant with a V8, although BMW no longer did so itself. The end product was again a 5-series on steroids with 608 hp and 800 Nm. When it was announced in mid-2022 that Alpina would be merged into BMW from 2026, the 300 employees put their heads together again to come up with the B5 GT: a limited series of 250 sedans and station wagons (together) with 634 hp, 850 Nm and a top speed of about 330 km/h.

How do you recognize the Alpina B5 GT?

You can recognize it by its specific wheels and details in the color marron vulciano. The specific front bumper provides sufficient cooling and more downforce on the B5 GT. And inside? The optional bucket seats are particularly eye-catching, together with the real paddle shifters behind the steering wheel. By Alpina standards, the cockpit decoration is sober, but finished down to the last detail. More importantly, the optional sports seats with suede and leather not only look fantastic, but also feel great.

An Alpina on a circuit, is that such a good idea?

A deliberate configuration of the driving modes is necessary to make the B5 GT track-ready. After all, modern Alpinas are not corner carvers by nature, but rather luxurious GTs that remain comfortable even at high speed. Whether that is the reason why this B5 is not really feeling well at Zandvoort, we do not dare to say after about five laps. It is striking that the B8 based on the 8-series Gran Coupé makes a sharper impression on the track. We will therefore reserve the final judgment about the B5 GT until after an extensive road test. Based on this short impression, driving behavior and performance are very similar to those of the B5, but with a more exclusive design and more power. It’s better to keep quiet about prices and fuel consumption, because you know the saying: if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it…

Technical data

Engine V8, petrol, biturbo

Engine capacity 4.4 litres

Max. assets 634 hp

Max. couple 850 Nm

0-100 km/h 3.2 s (Touring 3.4 s)

Top speed 330 km/h (Touring 328 km/h)

Production quantity 250

We drove the Alpina B5 GT at Zandvoort, where all previous versions of the Alpina based on BMW’s 5-series were also present. That story is in AutoWeek 36, which you can order here.

Alpina B5 GT

– Thanks for information from Autoweek.nl

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