Test: Nissan Juke – almost forgot how nice the Juke actually drives

Nissan Juke 2024

The Nissan Juke has been everyone’s friend for a long time. Even the first one with its ‘frog eyes’ sold well and from there it only got better. Now it’s time for a second-generation facelift, which is quite modest.

Isn’t the Juke the first successful compact crossover?

The Nissan Juke is almost single-handedly responsible for the creation of the vehicle category that we now describe as the compact crossover. When the Juke arrived on the scene in 2011, it was the only model in its class. But within five years there were suddenly twenty rivals and now there are more than forty. As a result, the pressure on this sharp and well-driving Japanese driver increases every year.

What changes to the Juke?

No shocking things such as electric drive or a new head and butt. Nissan does not consider this necessary and rightly so, because the second generation that came on the market in 2019 is doing fine. In January and February of this year, 130 units were sold and in July last year there was even a real sales peak, with 289 units sold. 2023 was the second best year ever for the Juke in the Netherlands, with a total of 1,634 units sold. Not bad for a model that has actually lasted more than 14 years.

Nissan Juke 2024

Are there any external changes?

What is striking is that the appearance appears to be exceptionally durable. Especially in the bright yellow cars we drove with its downward sloping black roof and beautiful yellow color. It is a unique feature of the so-called N-Sport version. The window pillars, exterior mirrors, rims, wheel arches and grille are also painted black on this model. The bright yellow color refers to the first generation Juke and, according to Nissan, has been reintroduced at the request of customers and Juke enthusiasts. Other changes to the exterior are limited to a new design of the N-Sport version.

Nissan Juke 2024

Have you addressed the interior?

So no major facelift, but a drastically revised dashboard. After all, the cockpit started to show signs of wear and tear compared to direct competitors such as the Skoda Kamiq, Ford Puma and Opel Mokka. The inside now has quite a few elements from the Nissan X-Trail and instantly looks fresh and modern again. At least, as long as it concerns the hardware. Because software-wise, you are mainly sent to the 1990s by the dated graphics of the navigation screen.

Nissan Juke 2024

The new infotainment screen, up to 12.3 inches in size, can handle Apple CarPlay and Android Auto wirelessly. We also see other ventilation grilles under the screen. Below this is the new climate control, which you still operate with physical buttons. Below that we see both a USB-A and a USB-C connection. The instruments are now digital and are displayed on a 12.3-inch screen. This is now reflected in a differently designed canopy, made of higher-quality materials. The whole looks modern, yet tasteful and nicely tidy. Nevertheless, there are still more than enough buttons that you can find almost instinctively. The N-Sport we drove has yellow Alcantara accents on the dashboard, in the seats and on the back seat. The stitching of the seats, doors and dashboard are also yellow in color. Unfortunately, yellow is the only available color if you want to brighten up the interior of Nissan. For this reason, the Juke is not available in the exterior colors red and blue. According to the designers, the combination with a yellow interior would ‘clash’ too much.

Nissan Juke 2024

Has anything changed in the technology?

Nothing changes as far as motorization is concerned. This means that you still have the choice of a 114 hp 1-liter engine and a 143 hp hybrid. The Nissan Juke, especially as a Hybrid, still appears to be a car that challenges you to give an extra bit of gas everywhere. During our test drive in the Barcelona area, we even felt the urge to drive at full throttle on a back road where a bridge was closed, just like the Dukes of Hazzard from the TV series of the same name. There is more than enough power, the tuning the chassis is sporty-comfortable and the solid steering gives you the impression that you are driving ‘premium’. In addition, you never have the feeling of driving an SUV-like model, so you can and dare to take turns at high speed. The integration of petrol and electric motor is seamless and it is therefore not difficult to understand why this model is still popular with young and old after more than 14 years. Prices for the updated Nissan Juke start at €31,790 for the 1.0, the Hybrid starts at €35,640.

Nissan Juke 2024

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