The 5 best hidden functions in iOS 13

Apple has made many improvements to iOS 13 in recent weeks. Since the operating system appeared on September 19, several updates have already been rolled out. Some updates solved some annoying problems, others brought some interesting, hidden features. We list five of them.

1. Optimal battery charging

If your battery is fully charged, you should actually pull the plug out of your phone to prevent damage to the battery. This is difficult if you want to charge your phone at night. In the latest version of iOS there is an option to charge your battery smarter. Your phone then looks at your charging habits. Do you often charge your phone in the middle of the night? By turning on the Optimized Charging function, your phone will then be charged to a maximum of 80%. Shortly before your alarm goes off, your phone ensures that the remaining 20% ​​is charged. The Optimized charging function can be found at the settings below Battery and Battery condition.

2. Share photos with or without location data

You can now remove location data from a photo before you want to share the photos directly from the Photo app. You can still see where the photo was taken, but that information will remain hidden from others if you share the photo via social media, email or through messages. You do this by selecting the photo you want to share in the Photo app, tap Options at the top of the screen and put the button All Data below add from.

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3. Easily remove forgotten apps

If you have a lot of apps on your phone, you quickly lose the overview. You probably don’t even know anymore that you still have certain apps on your phone. Via the App Store, it has now become a lot easier to remove forgotten apps. For example, in the Store, go to the apps list that needs to be updated. That probably also includes apps that you actually never use again and prefer to throw away. But where were those apps again? Since iOS 13, it is possible to throw away the relevant app directly with the available updates, without having to look it up first on your phone. Look in the list of updates for the app you want to throw away and make a sliding movement from right to left. Then the red button appears remove and throw the application away immediately.

4. Disable download restrictions

Apple has finally given us the option to turn off download limits in the App Store. Previously, only apps that were smaller than 200 MB could be downloaded automatically via a mobile data connection. You can now remove that restriction by going to the settings iTunes & App Store to go and then make a choice atApp downloads.

5. Take a full screenshot

Where previously you had to take several screenshots to get an entire web page in view, iOS 13 now has a handy trick to take a full screen screenshot. Open Safari and take a screenshot of a website, as you would always do. Then immediately press the screen preview that appears. You will then see the option at the top of the screen to take a screen-filling or page-filling screenshot. Press the second option and you will get the entire webpage in one image. You can then save it as a PDF.


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