The 5 best tips and tricks for your AirPods

The 5 best tips and tricks for your AirPods

You can do more with your AirPods than you might think. We provide five tips and tricks that you can try out with your Apple wireless earphones.

1. Connect within three seconds

Do you want to connect your AirPods to your iPhone in an instant? Take the charging case of the earphones there, open it near your iPhone and you will immediately be asked on your phone if you want to connect the earphones. This does not only work on your iPhone, but on all (recent) Apple devices, provided that you are logged in to your iCloud account.

2. Save the battery

If you notice that your earbuds are running out quickly, for example if you make many phone calls during the day, there is a convenient way to save battery life. You can also use one earpiece as a Bluetooth headset. Keep the other in your charging case and change them if necessary. If you use one earpiece you still get both stereo channels through one ear.

3. Check the battery status

By opening your charging case near your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch you can see on the screen of your mobile device how long your earbuds can last before you have to hang them on the charger. You can also see how the battery life of the AirPods is in the battery widget of the Message Center. The battery life of the earphones themselves is only shown if you actually use them.

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4. Listen to music together

From iOS 13 onwards, you can listen to music or watch movies and TV shows via two AirPods together with your friend, girlfriend or family member. Ideal if you are on the train, for example. All you have to do is put it in it Control panel it AirPlay icon turn on. In any streaming app, such as Spotify or Netflix, you now get the option Share audio. Tap this and keep the other set of AirPods near your device and open the charging case. Now there are two AirPods connected to your device.

5. Live Listen

The AirPods can also work as a hearing aid, which is called a function Live Listen. Go to the settings on your iPhone or iPad, click on it Control panel and choose Adjust controls. Tap the green plus sign in front To hear. Now you can Live Listen activate. For example, if you have trouble understanding what is being said on TV, you can place your mobile device on the television. Your AirPods can then amplify the sound via the device, without having to switch the television on.


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