The basic version of the Skoda Kamiq looks less ‘basic’ than before – Back to Basics

That tow bar is not part of it

Skoda Kamiq back to basics

It is usually quite confrontational when a certain car model shines again in ‘Back to Basics’ after a few years. In 2024, the simplest Skoda Kamiq will also turn out to be a lot more expensive than before, but in addition to a facelift, you get even more in return.

Skoda Kamiq 1.0 TSI 115 hp Essence, €28,490

The Skoda Kamiq has been facelifted and that is a good reason to take a closer look at the basic version of this small crossover. The simplest Kamiq is appropriately called ‘Essence’ and costs €28,490. That is not a crazy amount in this segment in 2024, but it is much more expensive than the Kamiq, which was lifted onto the Back-to-Basics podium in 2019 for less than 24 grand. Is that all a decline in the value of money, or is there more to it?

The answer is not difficult: the latter. To start with, the 1.0 TSI of the current basic Kamiq does not have 95, but 115 hp. When comparing the photos, you quickly notice that the current entry-level version is less bare than its predecessor. For example, the ‘Energy Blue’ plain paint is now spread over the handles and in theory even over the exterior mirrors, although the configurator does not show this. The new Kamiq also has ‘skid plates’ painted in a silver color as standard under the new front and rear bumper, and that looks a lot more attractive than the unsprayed plastic that we previously found here. Don’t be misled by the towbar in the photos: it is not included as standard.

The configurator pictures are not completely correct elsewhere either, because the climate control in the pictures is not included as standard. You do get air conditioning, cruise control, a new two-spoke steering wheel and a simple digital instrument cluster. The infotainment system with 8.25-inch touchscreen is also standard, but don’t count on built-in navigation. What else are we missing on board the basic Kamiq? Especially a lot of things in the ‘nice to have’ category. For example, the simplest Kamiq does not have a start button, but an old-fashioned ignition key and the front center armrest is missing. Very unfortunate, especially for die-hard Skoda drivers: the Essence does not come with the typical umbrella in the front door. In addition, the simplest Kamiq has fewer USB connections, so the temptation to take at least one step up is great. That step is called ‘Selection’ and, at €29,990, it is a manageable €1,500 more expensive than the absolute basic version.

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