The best deals for smart thermostats and radiator valves in a row (ADV)

Did you know that you save money by using smart thermostats and radiator valves? Keep money in your pocket and control the temperature in your home from the comfort of your couch with these deals from tink.

tink keeps you warm with smart thermostats

The energy costs are still very high, but with this cold you still want to be nice and warm. With a view to sustainability and your wallet, tink has the Smart Home Days! Until February 28, you can benefit from up to 50% discount on various Smart Home products from brands such as tado°, Netatmo, Bosch Smart Home and Google Nest.

Do you want to make your heating smart or start with smart lighting or security for your home? We help you on your way with the best Smart Home offers at tink.

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Save energy costs with one of these smart thermostats

Homes are getting smarter. Lighting switches on as soon as you enter a room and you never have to vacuum yourself again thanks to a robot vacuum cleaner. Smart devices make your life considerably easier. The heating of your home can also be made smarter.

A smart thermostat learns about your habits and lifestyle. Only where you need it is heated. When you get up it is nice and warm in your house. Are you leaving the house? The thermostat notices and adjusts the temperature downwards. So you will never forget to switch off the heating again. This way you effortlessly save energy and money.

The best deals for smart thermostats and radiator valves in a row (ADV)

1. tado° Smart Wireless Thermostat Starter Kit V3+

Heat your home smarter based on time schedules or even automations. The tado° Smart Wireless Thermostat knows when you come home or leave and adjusts the temperature for you thanks to the innovative geofencing. With this Starter Kit you can make four radiators smart and you can operate the thermostat with the tado° app via the included bridge. You now save 130 euros on this set with four radiator knobs.

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If you have a larger house to heat, then four smart radiator valves may not be enough for you. A Starter Kit with six buttons is also available with a 200 euro discount. Don’t need a Starter Kit? Then you can also buy the radiator knobs separately per four pieces. In that case you pay 258.95 euros instead of 319.99 euros.

2. Netatmo Modulating Thermostat + Radiator Valve

The Netatmo Modulating Thermostat and Radiator Valve detects an open window and with the eco mode, the system automatically switches off all radiators when no one is home. The outside temperature is monitored via Auto-Adapt. In this way, the house is kept at the right temperature as efficiently as possible or not if it is too hot outside.

The Netatmo Thermostat automatically heats your home based on a personalized heating schedule. This is drawn up on the basis of a number of questions that you fill in via the iPhone app. Also handy: you can operate the system via voice control with Siri. This set contains three radiator valves and the thermostat. You’re bringing him home now 299.95 euros. That is a 170 euro discount!

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Are three radiator valves too few? Via tink you can order the set with six radiator valves with a 250 euro discount. This is discounted from 719.97 euros to 469.95 euros. With the code Netatmo20 purchase both the set with three and six radiator valves with an additional discount of 20 euros!

3. Google Nest Learning Thermostat (Gen. 3) + Google Nest Hub (Gen. 2)

Wherever you are, at home or not, with the Google Nest app you can change the temperature in your home. This way you will be welcomed with a warm welcome in your home after a long day at work. The Google Nest Learning Thermostat learns from your habits, temperature needs and energy consumption thanks to the Auto-Schedule option. With the Auto Away function, your smart thermostat will automatically switch off when you’re not at home. This way you have control over how much energy you use and therefore also how high the bill will be!

All your smart devices can be conveniently operated from one place, depending on what you like best. This can be through the Google Nest app, with your voice or through the Google Nest Hub Display. The Google Nest Learning Thermostat and the Nest Hub are available together for a limited time 239.95 euros instead of 348.99!

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4. Bosch Smart Home Controller II + 8x Radiator Thermostat II

The Bosch Smart Home Controller II allows you to control all your smart devices from one place. Whether it’s the 8 radiator knobs in this set or outdoor sirens and smart plugs – you connect them to the controller. Via the internet you can operate all your devices in the app or with voice control thanks to Siri or Google Assistant.

Is it hot outside? The temperature measured by the smart radiator knob can be used as a trigger to lower roller shutters or start the air conditioning, for example. These automations organize your life and ensure that you have more time for other, more important things.

You can now get the Bosch Smart Home Controller II + 8x Radiator Thermostat II for 599.95 euros. And don’t forget the discount code BOSCHSH20 to use. You will therefore receive an extra discount of 20 euros and you will only pay 579.95 euros!

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Discover all Smart Home promotions at tink

Take advantage of many more Smart Home offers at tink! This is how tonight’s movie sounds like you’re in the cinema thanks to the Sonos One SL Stereo Set + Sub Mini, but from your own, familiar couch. In the meantime, you can open the door for your friends without having to get off the couch with the LOQED Touch Smart Lock + Power Kit and check whether you need an umbrella tomorrow with the Netatmo Premium Set Weather Station.

  • Sonos One SL Stereo Set + Sub Mini – by 897 euros for 799.95 euros
  • LOQED Touch Smart Lock + Power Kit – by 398.95 euros for 309.95 euros*
  • Netatmo Premium Set Weather Station – by 359.98 euros for 239.95 euros

* Use the code for this LoqedSW10

Didn’t find what you were looking for? tink has many more deals to make your home smarter during the Smart Home Days. Discover them via the link below and take advantage!

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