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The best iPhone 15 Pro (Max) cases with MagSafe (ADV)

You naturally want to protect your new iPhone 15 as best as possible, because a fall or scratch can happen very easily. Discover everything about the cases with MagSafe support from Mous.

Protection for your iPhone 15 (Plus) or 15 Pro (Max)

Are you one of the lucky ones who can already show off an iPhone 15? Then of course you also want the best protection for your model. An accident can happen easily and damage to your expensive device is a waste.

Whether you have the iPhone 15 (Plus) or 15 Pro (Max) in your pocket, the MagSafe supportive cases from Mous provide extreme fall protection. We will tell you about the best cases for your new iPhone.

Discover all iPhone 15 cases from Mous

Have a chance to win one of 12 Mous cases for the iPhone 15 series. Register immediately below.

Discover the Limitless 5.0 Case

Mous’ Limitless 5.0 cases all have MagSafe support, so you can continue to use this useful technology. It ensures more efficient wireless charging, because your iPhone connects precisely to the MagSafe charger. None of the electricity is lost and your phone is charged as quickly as possible. However, you can also use the technology to place your iPhone on the phone holder or to stick a card holder on the back.

In addition to the handy MagSafe, the cases also ensure that your latest acquisition is as safe as possible. Mous’ AiroShock™ technology effortlessly absorbs the shock of the fall. Furthermore, it is made of sturdy material and protective elements have been included in the design.

Think of raised edges and an extra edge around the camera island. The Limitless 5.0 Case is available in different versions: two wood looks (walnut and bamboo), blue, green, silver pearl, black leather, black with white splashes and a cool black print.

  • Discover the case for the iPhone 15
  • Discover the case for the iPhone 15 Plus
  • Discover the case for the iPhone 15 Pro
  • Discover the case for the iPhone 15 Pro Max

Discover the Clarity 2.0 Case

You have probably had a transparent case on your iPhone before that was no longer so transparent after a while, but took on a yellowish color. With the Clarity 2.0 case you no longer have to worry about that. Moreover, it is also equipped with MagSafe support and the aforementioned AiroShock™ technology.

This way you benefit from extreme fall protection and the beautiful color you chose for your new acquisition is always visible. To keep the case beautiful for as long as possible, it has a special coating that prevents scratches. In addition, there is the option to attach a cord on both sides. In addition to the transparent version, it is also available in an iridescent color.

  • Discover the Clarity 2.0 cases

Win one of the 12 Mous covers

Who knows, your iPhone 15 (Plus) or iPhone 15 Pro (Max) will soon be extra well protected with such a case, because Mous allows us to give away a total of 12 cases. This concerns the Limitless 5.0 in Aramid Fibre, Black Leather and the Clarity 2.0 case for all iPhone 15 models. Would you also like to participate? Register quickly via the link below Google form. You can participate until October 9, 2023.

Discover all Mous products

Do you not have an iPhone 15, but the iPhone 14 Pro or another model? Then you have also come to the right place at Mous. The brand has been making sturdy cases for years and also protects your older iPhones in the event of a fall. In addition to protective cases, they also have screen protectors, wallet cases and much more! Quickly discover all Mous products.

Discover all iPhone 15 cases from Mous

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