The convenient way to install apps on your old iPhone or iPad

Is your iPhone or iPad proverbial from prehistoric times but you don’t want to say goodbye to it yet? Chances are you won’t be able to install a lot of apps on the outdated operating system. Unless you are aware of this handy method.

An old iPhone or iPad probably can’t handle the latest iOS versions, let alone the recently released iOS 16. That means that everyday apps like WhatsApp may suddenly stop working on your older device. However, with a secret way, it is possible to get older versions of these apps on your iPhone or iPad. OMT editor Sabine explains how to do this.

iPhone or iPad too old? No problem!

The only requirement is that you have previously purchased or downloaded an app. You then only need to go to the App Store, once there, tap the avatar in the top right corner of the screen. Now press Purchases and then on My purchases. Here’s a list of apps you’ve ever downloaded or installed on your iPhone or iPad.

It may take a while for your older iPhone or iPad to fully load this list. You can then select the app you want to install by pressing the iCloud icon (a cloud). If it is not possible to download the latest version of the app, your device will show a pop-up that allows you to install an older version of the app.

Older iPhones
Still not ready for replacement? (Image: James Lewis / Unsplash)

Older versions of apps

The disadvantage of using older app versions is that not all great new functions are available. So, these five features we hope are coming to WhatsApp will almost certainly never work on your old device. If you do want to use the latest of the latest, you will really have to switch to a new(er) iPhone or iPad.

Keep in mind that older iPhones and iPads may no longer receive new security updates. This can create risks if you continue to use the device. For example, you are more vulnerable to security vulnerabilities. Keep that in mind if you don’t want to say goodbye to your old iPhone and iPad yet.

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