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You can’t get mad at this

Honda Jazz in the Wild

“You can’t get angry about that, can you?” It is often said about small children, baby seals and other cute creatures, but in our opinion it applies equally to this early Honda Jazz. Look at him, with his round eyes!

When we think of the Honda Jazz, we have been thinking for many years of the somewhat high, MPV-like model that has been providing intense satisfaction to all its users since 2001, but there was already a Jazz before that. That car was in European showrooms in the 1980s and although it was high and small, it was clearly different due to its three-door body. That is not very strange, because it is actually a completely different car. The first Jazz was called Honda City in Japan, while the later Jazz is known as Honda Fit elsewhere in the world. We must note that in recent decades the City was often ‘just’ the sedan version of the modern Jazz/Fit, but we digress.

Do you see a hint of Renault Twingo in this quintessential Jazz? That is not surprising, although it was another Honda – the Today – that looks even more like that French city car. Or the other way around, because the Honda was also there before the Twingo. The quintessential Jazz delights the retina with its straight carriage, sloping nose, sleek wheel arches and endearing front, in which the Honda logo is strikingly off-center and round headlights stare at you kindly like expectant puppy eyes. Due to its age alone, it is not surprising that the first Jazz has almost completely disappeared from the streets. The fact that there are still some copies left is undoubtedly due to its relatively great popularity among the older part of the population.

Honda Jazz in the Wild

This silver-gray copy still looks sleek except for a small dent and even has neat silver-colored steel wheels with authentic Honda center caps. It is an original Dutch car that has had a modest series of loyal owners, often the recipe for a long and happy car life. The Japanese was spotted by AutoWeek forum user HarmenA and can also be admired in the ‘What-were-something-special-you-saw-today’ topic, which every car enthusiast should actually have among their favorites.

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