The G-Shock hit of 2021: the Carbon Core Guard ‘CasiOak’

Are you still looking for a Christmas gift for a true watch lover? Then the GA-2100 series from G-Shock is our Top Tip. The all-black original costs less than 100 euros and combines the best features of G-Shock with wearing comfort and an irresistible appearance. This watch is the watch hit of 2021. Do you want to know why? Then read on quickly.

What a strange name, ‘CasiOak’…

In 2020, Casio released a new range of G-Shock watches, the GA 2100 Octagon. This new collection retained many G-Shock features, but aimed at a young, fashion-conscious audience. With a thinner profile, a new 8-sided case and a seamless transition from case to strap, for a very competitive price. No wonder these new watches quickly became popular.

With its 8-sided bezel and integrated bracelet style design, this watch was vaguely reminiscent of Audemars Piguet’s very expensive ‘Royal Oak’ watch. It didn’t take long before this new G-Shock was nicknamed ‘CasiOak’ by enthusiasts.

However, the design is not derived from the famous ‘AP’, but from the first G-Shock DW5000C, but with a more pronounced octagonal shape and streamlined corners. These contours give a feeling of stability and a powerful appearance. In addition, the side profile design pays tribute to the very first model with the same button layout, uneven surface shape and fixed angle band. Yet the nickname stuck and the name Octagon disappeared silently.

design CasiOak


The best of G-Shock in a slimmer, lighter profile

The use of a new construction with carbon fiber reinforced resin made it possible to reduce the housing size to the limit. The 45.4 mm watch is only 11.8 mm thick and weighs only 53 grams.

A sense of depth is achieved through three-dimensional casting and the spacious layout creates a dial that combines simplicity and excellent legibility.

The GA-2100 line comes in different colors. With the application of a different shade to each part – from the case exterior to the dial, face, hands, LCD, buckles and more – the watch takes on an integrated look, while the details stand out.

The double LED lighting of the dial and LCD screen guarantees readability in the dark.

Naturally, the watch contains all the functions you are used to from G-Shock; world times, automatic calendar, stopwatch, 5 daily alarms and manually operated hands with a battery life of up to 3 years.

GA-2100 LED


Innovation with Carbon Core Guard

The innovation in this watch comes from the Carbon Core Guard structure developed by G-shock. The case is made of fine resin with carbon fiber for stiffness superior to plastic. This material therefore protects the module (the movement) against shocks and deformation. In addition, carbon is very lightweight and allows for a thinner case.

The module has been slimmed down by miniaturizing the components and using optimized high-density mounting for the printed circuit board structure. Combined with the Carbon Core Guard structure, these efforts have created a smaller, lighter chassis.


carbon core guard

Also for the smaller wrist: the GMA-S2100 series

G-shock watches are generally quite large and that often deters women from purchasing this watch. Fortunately, the CasiOak is also available in a smaller size: the GMA-S2100 series. At 43 mm it is still not very small, but due to the slim profile, integrated strap and light weight it is also very suitable for thinner wrists and is available in friendly colours.

▴ GMA-S2100-1AER

▴ GMA-S2100-4A2ER

Now CasiOak in metal

Would you prefer a CasiOak with a more luxurious look? Then choose a watch from the GM-2100 series. The same watch with Carbon Core Guard and covered with a thin layer of steel for a more business look and extra robustness.

▴ GM-2100-1AER

▴ GM-2100N-2AER

Special special edition: The Moon

The very special GM-2100MG-1AER ‘The Moon’ is inspired by the moon. The detailed design with structured metal case mimics the crater landscape. And the combination of gold-colored ion plating and the deep black of the strap is reminiscent of the infinity of space. On the back of the case is an engraved image of the “Dark Side of the Moon”. This special edition Moon CasiOak comes in luxurious packaging, again with an image of the moon.

Is the Moon edition temporarily unavailable? Then put the watch on your wish list and we will automatically notify you when we have a new delivery. We don’t know whether that will be possible before Christmas, but beautiful things are worth waiting a little longer for, right?

▴ GM-2100MG-1AER

Order on time!

In just over a week it will be Christmas. These mega-popular watches are selling fast. That is why we recommend everyone to order gifts on time. We ship all orders placed before 11 p.m. the same day, but the postal service is extremely busy and may therefore take a little longer than normal.

Do you want to be sure that you will receive the package on time? Then choose free (!) evening delivery.

Merry Christmas!

Update 2022

With the release of the GA-B2100 series, Casio takes the CasiOak to a new level. By adding a solar battery and Bluetooth technology, your watch will last even longer and synchronize time and date automatically.

Want to know more about the GA-B2100? you can read all about it in this blog.

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