The life of the Neanderthals

Researchers have found traces of an adhesive mixture of bitumen and ocher on stone tools that are more than 40,000 years old and were probably made by Neanderthals… more

Neanderthals apparently also hunted the Ice Age cave lions of Europe and adorned themselves with their impressive furs and paws, forensic findings suggest… more

A giant that once fell victim to Neanderthals: Director Harald Meller reports on the famous exhibit at the State Museum of Prehistory in Halle… more

1.1 million years ago, extreme cooling ended the first early human settlement in Europe. Later, warmer periods led to Neanderthals and Denisovans meeting… more

Similar to humans, the evolutionary history of gorillas also involved mixing with a line of development that is now extinct, according to a study… more

Archaeologists may have discovered an early example of Neanderthal art in a cave in France: fingerprints that are more than 57,000 years old… more

Researchers have used isotope signatures in tooth enamel to gain clues about how Neanderthals and later modern humans used a habitat in Portugal… more

In what is now Germany, Neanderthal groups apparently killed the largest land animals of their time 125,000 years ago: bulls of the Eurasian forest elephant… more

An analysis of ancient Neanderthal DNA reveals family relationships between the individuals examined and allows conclusions to be drawn about the social structure… more

The occurrence of modern humans and Neanderthals in Europe probably overlapped by 1400 to 2900 years, according to statistical estimates based on dated artifacts… more

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