The most fun iPad board games to play with friends and family

Also via online multiplayer!

Is everyone always on the iPad, while you prefer to do fun things with the whole family? We have a solution for that! We’ve listed the best board games for iPad and iPhone for you to play together. With extra attention for games for young families and experienced players.

Board games for iPhone and iPad

The board games you used to love can also be played on the iPhone and iPad. They often offer almost the same gaming experience at a fraction of the price, and you can play anywhere, anytime. At home during a long winter evening with friends or on vacation if you want to be busy after a long day. In this article we list the best board games for iPad and iPhone. There is bound to be a board game for you.

How do you play board games in times of corona crisis?

We have indicated in the list below for each game whether there is an online multiplayer so that you can play with friends remotely. Is this not possible? Then you can also place a physical game with one of the players and play with each other via FaceTime. If you are going to play drafts or chess together, you can pass on the moves to each other via FaceTime.

  • Backgammon
  • Spades
  • Monopoly
  • Tsuro
  • Risk
  • 30 Seconds
  • Catan
  • Carcassonne
  • Forbidden Island
  • Cluedo
  • Man do not worry
  • Take It Easy
  • Ticket To Ride
  • Stratego
  • Life path
  • Exploding Kittens
  • Tokaido
  • Yahtzee
  • Hearts

Board games for 2 or more players

With the board games in this overview, we have paid attention to whether you can play them with 2 or more people on one device. They are accessible to a wide audience and they are nice and re-playable. Are you looking for more games to make it fun together during a party? Then take a look at our list of party games for iPhone and iPad games. Those games are especially fun with drinking. Are you with a family at a holiday park or do you want to take it easy for other reasons, then the games below are more suitable. The choice is enormous, as you will see.


Backgammon is a two-player board game played on a unique board with 24 triangular points and 15 checkers for each player. The goal is to move all your checkers around the board and bear them off before your opponent does. Online, backgammon is played through various platforms and websites where players can challenge each other in real-time or against computer opponents, using virtual dice to determine the moves and following the same rules as the traditional board game.


Spades is a popular trick-taking card game typically played by four players in partnerships. The game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards, and the objective is for each team to accurately predict the number of tricks they will win in each round. Online platforms and gaming websites such as offer the opportunity to play Spades with friends or other players from around the world, offering a fresh and digital take on the classic game.


This board game has been around for more than 80 years, but it is still very much alive and very suitable for playing with friends or family. Through tactical moves, but also with luck, you have to buy as many streets as possible, build houses and operate hotels. Since the end of 2019, a solid version of Monopoly has been available for sale on the iPad. After purchase you can play on a standard game board, but for an additional fee you can also play on other theme boards. The rules and operation are exactly the same for all game boards.

You can play alone, but of course also with your friends up to 4 players in total. If they have installed the game, you can each play the game on your own device in the same lobby. That is nicer, because you do not always have to give away a device and you can view the sign at rest.

<p>1-4 players, English language app with Dutch street names


In Tsuro you have to find your own path. The whole family can participate in this strategic game. You place tiles that form a path, over which your stone moves. Since everyone is on the same game board, be careful not to go in the wrong direction. You are finished as soon as your stone has reached the edge of the game board. The paths cross and communicate with each other. Make the longest path while remaining on the board. You can play online or in the same room, possibly against computer opponents.

1-8 players, in English


You probably know the board game Risk, the game where you have to conquer as many countries as possible. You can also conquer the whole world with your friends or family on the iPhone and iPad. You can play the game on one device and pass it on every time it is someone’s turn, this can be done with up to 6 players. Or you can play it online with your friends, also with up to 6 players. You can choose from different maps, so you are not tied to the standard world map. You can also send different challenges to your friends to keep it exciting.

1-6 players, in English

30 Seconds

An absolute hit during every game night. For those who don’t know 30 Seconds: the idea is to guess the names within thirty seconds. You play in teams and someone on your team must describe the names as well as possible, without mentioning (parts of) the name. Also, if tactics are forbidden, so you have to be careful what you say. Whoever does this best and moves his pawn quickly across the board game is the winner. Due to the time pressure it sometimes produces hectic moments, but that is all the more fun.

Minimum 4 players, Dutch (note: only available in Dutch App Store)


Catan, formerly Settlers of Catan: almost everyone has it in-house. Of course you will also find the game in iPhone and iPad gear. Despite the English name, Catan is Dutch. Anyone can enter the game in which you collect resources and build streets, towns and cities with it until the first player has twelve points. For a fee, Catan also offers the Seafarers Expansion Kits (build boats and explore the waters in search of new land) and the spicy Cities & Knights, which have more room for development alongside building and dealing with outside attacks. If you don’t know them, you can preview the sets. You can play with the images of the Dutch or American version and pass the iPad and iPhone to give the next turn. With Catan Universe you can even play against AI opponents or online, so it’s fun to do on your own. You need a Catan account for this.

1-5 players, in Dutch

Forbidden Island

The tin packaging is of course missing from the digital version of The Forbidden Island, but the game concept remains intact in this iPad version of the board game in which players work together. As players, you hop from tile to tile on an island that sinks each turn and loses a tile. You have two goals together. On the one hand you try to get as many treasures as possible, on the other hand you must all come alive from the island. This will keep you bent over the screen of the iPad when the next player gets their turn and you have to confer together to complete the mission. It may take some practice, but at least you fill the evening with it!

2-4 players, in English


Nothing is more exciting than a game of Cluedo, the thrill of solving the murder. You have to guess where the murder took place, who did it and with what weapon the murder was committed. Once you know all this, you can make an accusation. Did you guess correctly? Then you win the game. If it is not good, the game just continues. You can play the game on your own, but you can also play it with others. And online is also an option.

1-6 players, in English

Man Don’t Worry

In the classic Mens You Don’t Worry you are allowed to take a number of steps forward. You can also throw other pawns off the board. There are dozens of variants of “Ludo” (the English name) in the App Store, but LUDO + Family Board Game for the iPad is the best dressed of the bunch. The game is playable in different themes. Besides the normal white theme, you can also play it on a kind of ice rink, in a black techy theme and on a race track. The lonely player can also play dice against the computer. Unfortunately, this board game has not yet been adapted for the latest iPad Pros, but that shouldn’t spoil the fun.

1-4 players, in English

Take It Easy

Take It Easy is a combination between a puzzle game, a brain teaser and a board game. One by one, place your pieces on the board, and to score points, make rows of the same color. However, if a piece of a different color comes in, your entire row is immediately useless. Once you have placed a piece you cannot move it. The fewer free spaces on the board, the more difficult the game becomes. The game has three different ways to play: a classic mode, a puzzle mode in which you can solve 140 puzzles, and a progressive mode in which you have thirty levels with different challenges. The game can be played both online and offline.

1-4 players, in English

Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is accessible, exciting until the last minute and fun. At the beginning of the game, players choose multiple train route assignment cards to build. After that, a turn always consists of three choices. You take color cards, or you supply color cards to create a route from city to city on the map, or you take even more assignment cards. The game rewards you with points for routes and completed assignments, but unsuccessful assignments are deducted from your score and that’s where the devil begins: there are more hijackers on the coast for the same part of the train path. We recommend the Europe version on the iPhone: it has a slightly nicer map. On the iPad you can buy it for a few euros. You always pass the devices on to the next player, but you can also play online.

2-5 players, in English


Stratego is a board game dedicated to war. At the beginning of the game, two armies, consisting of 40 pieces in different ranks, face each other. The aim is to get the opponent’s flag. If you have conquered it, you have won the game. There are a number of Stratego apps that allow you to play the game on the iPhone or iPad. One is Stratego Multiplayer, which gives you the opportunity to play the multiplayer game. You can play the game online against all your friends or online against the best players from all over the world.

2 players, in English

Life path

Abroad is known as The Game of Life abroad. The game where you drive a car over the board and on the way you have a partner and children (or not of course). You have to make sure that you have an income and that no crazy things happen. But during the road of life you never know, something unexpected can happen like winning the lottery or you suddenly lose €10, because you have ended up in the wrong box. Besides the fact that it is a fun game, it also looks nice. In short; this board game guarantees a fun evening.

<p>1-4 players, in English

Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens was created via Kickstarter and is now available for download as a digital game. You can play with 2-5 people on multiple devices in the same room, or online. If you are alone, you can also play single player. The object of the game is similar to Russian Roulette. Everyone draws cards, hoping there is no Exploding Kitten included. If so, you are out of the game unless you have a Defuse card. Funny if you have already finished all other games.

2-5 players, in English


We remain in Eastern spheres with Tokaido. This board game looks beautiful and is suitable for all ages. In this adventure game you take turns and try to discover new experiences while traveling through Japan. So you try different food, collect souvenirs and visit temples. However, those experiences do cost money and you should make sure you don’t go broke. You play it as pass-and-play, where you pass the iPad, or you play against an AI opponent. There is also online multiplayer, if your friends are far away.

1-4 players, in English


A beloved classic, Yahtzee is available online. The premise is simple: score the most points! Players “roll” 5 dice to create different combinations, the dice can be rolled up to three times in a turn. A traditional game consists of 13 rounds, with players being able to use all three rolls, or one in a turn. Yahtzee features category scoring, and once a category has been used, it cannot be used again. These categories have varying values, some of which are fixed, and others that depend on the value of the dice. However, the combination every player looks for is in the game’s name. The coveted Yahtzee is a five-of-a-kind roll, the highest scoring play of the game at 50 points, a score that is sure to help you get to the winners circle.


Available on and Hearts is one of the most famous trick-taking card games in existence. Originating in 1750’s Spain, the game expanded by adding various penalty cards to the deck, forming what is now known as Hearts. The main strategies are trick-taking and evasion. The person with the fewest points of a round wins, Hearts is played until someone scores 100 points. Players are given 13 cards, with hearts cards being 1 point and the dreaded Queen of spades being 13 points. Each round features players swapping their worst cards, until someone hits the century mark at which point the winner has been crowned. There are several tips available on their website, including which cards to pass, and even counting card methods.

More board games for the enthusiast

There are even more great board games for the iPhone and iPad. The games below all require you to read the rules carefully, but offer a lot of strategy and tactics.

  • San Juan (€0.99, iPhone / iPad, iOS 7.0+) – The card game variant of Puerto Rico has the heaviness and appearance of a board game, is also for iPhone and is just a bit smoother. 2-4 players.
  • Le Havre (The Harbor) (€5.49, iPhone / iPad + IAP, iOS 8.0+) – Become a port giant in this thoughtful, highly rated micro-management game. 2-5 players.
  • Neuroshima Hex (€5.49, iPhone / iPad + IAP, iOS 8.0+) – A strategic board game in which four armies compete for influence and survival in a world devastated after thirty years of war. Are you leading your army to victory? 1 to 4 players.

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