The nicest Ford Fiesta that never came: RS Concept

Intense in Focus RS style

Ford Fiesta RS Concept

In the context of the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, we look back on a concept from the past. We go back to the year 2004 where we were introduced to Ford’s latest pocket rocket: the Fiesta RS.

After the success of the first generation Focus RS, which was delivered until 2003, many Ford enthusiasts were longing for a new fun machine. A year later, that expectation was met in Geneva in the form of the Fiesta. Co-developed by Ford TeamRS, there was the new showpiece that was reminiscent of the glory years of Group B. Extra wide wheel arches, a bumper designed for extra cooling and striping that was reminiscent of the legendary GT. The drive would be provided by the 2.0 liter Duratec engine that later also served in the Fiesta ST. The ST delivered a smooth 150 hp at the time, while Ford would further develop the RS to 180 hp. A 0-100 sprint was therefore possible within 7 seconds.

Fiesta RS didn’t come

Unfortunately for Ford fanatics, the Fiesta RS idea never came to fruition. During production of the previous Focus RS, Ford made a £4,500 loss on every car rolled off the production line. Despite the great interest and far-reaching development, they were unable to complete the financial picture. The Fiesta RS therefore remained only a concept and consumers had to settle for the ST. It was only five years later that Ford introduced a new RS, but again in the form of the Focus. It made up for a lot with its iconic five-cylinder roar and more than 300 hp, but of course we will not completely forget and forgive.

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