The Official ChatGPT App Is Finally Here (But There’s One Big Downside)

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, has finally launched the official ChatGPT app! Unfortunately, there is one major drawback to the app.

Official ChatGPT app launched

ChatGPT has quickly taken over the internet in recent months. The service makes it possible for anyone with an account to chat with an AI. The chatbot then provides detailed answers to the questions you ask or the comments you make. On the internet this service is free, you just need to create an account to use the service.

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An official app for ChatGPT was still missing, but that has now changed. OpenAI has finally launched an application for the chat service in the App Store. The app is free to install and is free to use if you have an account. In addition, the ChatGPT app is completely ad-free. Unfortunately, the app still has one major drawback at the moment.

chat gpt 4

ChatGPT app still available in limited quantities

The app is currently only available to a limited extent. OpenAI has only released the ChatGPT app in the United States for now. According to the company, there are plans to release the app worldwide. The app will be coming to more countries in the coming weeks, but it is not known which countries these are. So in the Netherlands we have to wait a while for the official ChatGPT app.

The launch of the free ChatGPT app was about time, because many unofficial apps from the chat service currently cost money in the App Store. For example, a version of the chatbot can be downloaded for free in the App Store, but you then pay a weekly subscription of 9.99 euros or an annual subscription of no less than 59.99 euros. So watch out, because the service is simply available on the internet for free.

chatgpt App Store

Try ChatGPT for free

In the Netherlands we unfortunately have to wait a while for the official ChatGPT app. Would you like to try the free version of the chatbot? To use the service, you just need to create an account on the OpenAI website. You then have free access to the chatbot. Check here the ChatGPT web page!

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