The Top Tips To Keep You Safe Around Your Farm & Animals In Australia

The Top Tips To Keep You Safe Around Your Farm & Animals In Australia

If you are a farmer in Australia then everyone owes you an attitude of thanks because without you and others, we wouldn’t have food to put on our tables and we wouldn’t have milk to give to our kids. People underestimate the amount of effort that it takes to run a farm and to take care of animals every single day of the week. There is no day off for the local farmers and they commit themselves wholeheartedly to their jobs. You may not be aware of it but many farmers and their employees get injured every single year around Australia and some are even lose their lives.

They do put farm safety rules in place but sometimes things happen and people get hurt. There is lots of machinery on any farm like your typical farm tractor and this is a vehicle that gets driven regularly throughout the day and so it is important that agricultural tyres are fitted to ensure good grip and safety. If you are quite new to the farming game and you would like to learn about how to keep yourself safe around a farm and the animals that live there then maybe the following can help.

  • Correct use of equipment & machinery – These do help to make farming life so much easier but if they are not given the respect that they deserve then this same machinery can cause quite serious injuries or even fatalities. You should always make sure that you are qualified or you have a licence to operate any particular equipment and always follow the rules and instructions set out by the manufacturer.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings – There is a lot going on in any farmland on any given day and so keep your wits about you. You not only have to keep an eye out for fellow employees but for animals as well who can wander into your path without a second thought. You also need to be aware of weather conditions and when it is the right time to do your work and when is a better time to quit for the day.
  • Always wear the safety equipment – Do not try to make the excuse that the equipment that is provided to you is uncomfortable or stops you from doing your job properly. All safety clothing and protective gear is designed with your comfort in mind and so always wear what is required when needed.
  • Be careful around animals – We all know that animals are unpredictable and can be dangerous when they are frightened. Even though you think you might think you know the animals on the farm, you should never turn your back to them or leave yourself in a space where you cannot get by them.

It is so important to be safe on a farm as it is quite a risky occupation and accidents do happen. Make sure that you are not one of the statistics and follow the rules.

When managing a farm, it’s essential to also consider lawn care. One useful tip is to fertilize lawn before rain, as this helps the nutrients to be properly absorbed into the soil. This approach ensures that your lawn remains healthy and vibrant, contributing to the overall aesthetics and functionality of your farm. For more detailed guidance, you can learn about the best practices to fertilize lawn before rain.

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