The wild rescue

Red clover is often considered a weed in local meadows. The flower serves as an important source of nectar for many insects, such as the bumblebee here. Goran –

Red clover, poppies, yarrow – as field crops? Paradoxically, more and more wildflowers are being planted because the Nature Conservation Act requires native species. Why, how cultivation works - and why some bee flower meadows are only well-intentioned

Text: Sylvia Meise

Mulleins! As far as the eye can see - and in the middle of it all is a person with a straw hat and a hoe. Like a painting by Matisse, at least if you ignore the minibus at the edge of the field. Unusual – and yet there are similar fields in some places in Germany. These majestic candles bloom in Hohenlohe, a farming area with a harsh climate in Baden-Württemberg. As a rule, corn, barley, rapeseed and fattening farms characterize the picture here. Colorful fields of wild plants are the exception. It's not just mullein that stands out. Rieger-Hofmann also grows mallow, wild grasses, clovers and hundreds of other meadow herbs here, just like gladioli and broccoli elsewhere. The Hohenlohe company is one of the largest and oldest among the 120 wild seed producers

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