These apps are standard on your iPhone (and you have to remove)

Many apps are standard on your iPhone, but some of them are better to delete right away. We tell you which apps those are.

These apps are standard on your iPhone (and you have to remove)

When you have a new iPhone, there are quite a lot of apps on your device by default. Some of them are just really handy to have. For example, think of the apps Safari, Mail, Maps or Notes.

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However, there are many more apps that come standard on your iPhone and you might as well delete them. We’ve listed three of them.


iMovie on iPhone is a video editing app on the go. It allows you to easily edit videos, crop them, add transitions and apply effects. Also nice: with the app it is also possible to add music and voice-overs to videos.

You don’t really need this app to crop or shorten your videos. You can also do that in the Photos app. So you don’t plan to ever use iMovie? Then you might as well delete it. The app takes up about 600 MB of storage space.

2. Garage Band

With Garageband you can play music to make produce on your iPhone. You can use the instruments in the app for that, but you can also import sounds, add effects, mix sounds and (of course) edit them.

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Are you not that musical? Or are you never going to make your own song? Then you can also remove Garageband with confidence. The app is 1.6 GB in size, so you also free up quite a bit of space with it.

3. Keynote, Numbers, Pages

Keynote, Numbers, and Pages are three productivity apps on iPhone. Keynote lets you create presentations with fun transitions and animations. Numbers is a spreadsheet app that makes it easy to create charts and tables. Pages is a word processor for creating documents using templates and the necessary formatting options.

Never type documents or create presentations on your iPhone? Or do you already use another program, such as Microsoft Office? Then you can delete these three apps. Each app takes up about 500MB of space on your iPhone. So if you delete all three, you free up about 1.5 GB.

Restore apps

Do you later regret that you deleted (one of) the above apps? No worries! They are easy to get back from the App Store. Just make sure you have enough space on your iPhone.

Free up more space on iPhone

Now that you have removed these apps, you have some extra space available on your iPhone. But if you want to free up even more space on your device, you should grab the article below.

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