These are the most bizarre gadgets from CES 2023 (so far)

Every year, companies showcase their latest products at the largest technology fair in the world. These are the most bizarre gadgets from CES 2023 (so far)!

The Weirdest Gadgets of CES 2023 (So Far)

The CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is an annual phenomenon and the place where companies show their latest (and often strange) products. The technology fair will once again be held in Las Vegas (Nevada) from Thursday, January 5 through Sunday, January 8.

CES 2023

We show you some of the most bizarre gadgets shown at CES 2023 so far. Which of these products would you buy? Let us know in the comments!

1. Printer (for your bakkes)

Prinker has already come up with a striking printer: you could use it to print tattoos on your arm and even give your hair a colour. Now L’oreal has teamed up with Prinker and they come up with an eyebrow printer.

You do need a phone for it, because the eyebrow printer uses the camera of your smartphone to print the eyebrows as perfectly as possible. You can of course choose the shape, thickness and any effects yourself.

Once you’ve done that, swipe the printer over the skin above your eyes. The printer then takes care of the rest. A price of the Brow Magic printer is not yet known.

CES 2023 eyebrow printer

2. Evie Smart Ring: Smart ring

Don’t like an Apple Watch while exercising, but still want a way to track your steps and heart rate? Then maybe the Evie Smart Ring is for you.

You can use this ring to keep track of your heart rate, oxygen level in the blood, breathing rate, skin temperature and (just like the Apple Watch Series 8) your menstrual cycle, among other things.

The ring can also track your steps, calories burned, and sleep quality. You can then view the health data in a companion app.

The smart ring made of polished aluminum will be available in sizes 5 to 11 and in three colors: gold, rose gold and silver. Pricing is yet to be announced, but will be under $300.

eve ring

3. Make your own toilet smart with U-scan

You probably already have a smart television, a smart speaker and perhaps a smart lamp in your home. Soon after CES 2023 you will also be able to make your toilet smarter. You hang the Withings U-Scan in the toilet, so that the device can check your health via your urine.

You hang the U-scan (€ 499.95) on the edge of your toilet. It has a cartridge for 100 tests, so you can have one test performed every day for about three months. According to Withings, the device creates a ‘Stream ID’ for the user, so that he only checks the urine of one person.


The device can check several things. This way he can map the menstrual cycle and he knows exactly whether you have drunk enough water. The device can also point out any deficiencies in your diet.

With the app you can view all measurements. U-scan also gives various recommendations in the app, but the device will never tell you piss off. The collected data is placed in different graphs so that you always have a complete overview.

4. Special cutting board with screen

If you often use your iPhone or iPad to follow a recipe while cooking, this special cutting board might be something for you. The cutting board from Blok has a built-in screen.

This way you can follow a recipe while cutting the tomatoes, onions and potatoes without having to look up at your iPad or iPhone every time. Also funny: you can also have a video call with your friends or family via the shelf.

CES 2023: block smart cutting block

The screen can be removed from the cutting board, so you can easily clean the board. Is everything clean again? Then click the screen back on the shelf and place it in a special dock to charge.

Unfortunately, the price cuts quite a bit: for $ 699 you can easily buy a large cutting board, and you still have enough money left for an iPad.

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