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These seven cars came from the factory as classics

Cult from the tape

Volvo 240

The Beetle, the Renault 4 and the 2CV, they were already legendary when they were alive, not to mention the Mini. Yet they are certainly not the only ones who, while they were still new from the production line, have already acquired cult or classic status. We list seven of them, of course, the list is longer, but with these seven you immediately understand what we mean.

Volvo 240 (1974-1993)

The 240 is in fact an upgraded 140 from 1966. When the 700 series comes in 1982, the 200 bravely holds on. And even after the front-wheel drive 850 appears in 1991, it continues for another two years as the 240 Polar Estate.

MGB (1963-1980)

Due to organizational chaos and chronic lack of money, there is never a follow-up for the MGB, continuous updates stretch its life until 1980. As a warm-up for the MG F, it even returns from 1992 to 1995 as an MG RV8.

Porsche 911 (1964-1998)

The 911 must succeed the iconic 356 in 1964, no sinecure. With his air-cooled boxer he survives the replacement 928 (1977-1995). Only in 1998 does a completely new model with water-cooled six-cylinder (generation 996) replace him.

Morgan Plus 8 (1968-2004)

With its wooden frame, the Morgan Plus 8 has been a classic since its introduction. Only when Rover stops building the V8 does it also end with the Plus 8, much to the sadness of many.

Land Rover 90/110/130/Defender (1983-2016)

In its last years, despite its considerable dimensions and immense turning circle, it definitely raises the status of city people. In 2018 it will return with 400 hp as a Defender Works V8.

Land Rover Defender

Mercedes G class (1979-2018)

Conceived as a modest workhorse alongside the larger Unimogs, the G-class has managed to become a status symbol of the jet set, not least because AMG comes with V8 versions that raise its star to great heights. The current Mercedes G-class is of course also well on its way to classic status.

Citroen Traction Avant (1934-1957)

Citroën’s large front-wheel drive makes a glorious comeback after the Second World War and from 1955 will even be in the showroom for two more years together with its futuristic successor – the DS.

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