Thieves return stolen Android: ‘Oops, no iPhone after all!’

You might think that thieves would also be happy with a stolen Android smartphone, but that is not always the case.

Thieves return stolen Android

A modern Android is worth about as much money as a modern iPhone. However, this is not always a reason for thieves to actually run off with a stolen Android. Last month something remarkable happened.

A couple in Washington, DC that according to ABC7 wants to remain anonymous, was robbed there. The woman had worked late into the night and when she came home, her husband insisted on parking the car for her.

As soon as he did that, two masked and armed men approached him. One on foot, another in a black BMW. They immediately robbed him of everything he had in his pockets and also took the car. His Android was also stolen.

stolen Android

“Oops, no iPhone after all!”

For a moment it seemed that the thieves made off with all their loot. But just before they drove away, they looked at the smartphone they had just stolen. Completely unexpectedly, the man got his newly stolen Android back. The woman says: ‘They looked at the phone, saw it was an Android and said they didn’t want it. At first they thought it was an iPhone.’

The entire incident lasted only a few seconds. And although the man has got his stolen Android back, the couple has still lost a lot of stuff, including their car.

The only reason not to buy an iPhone could be that you will lose it if you are robbed. The chance that you will get a stolen Android back seems to be greater due to this incident!

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