This hidden feature helps you take better photos on your iPhone 15

With an iPhone 15 you already take fantastic photos, but with this hidden function they become even better!

This hidden feature helps you take better photos on your iPhone 15

The hidden feature we’re referring to is available not only on the iPhone 15 but also on the iPhone 14 Pro models. He is just known by different names. On all Pro models the function is called ProRAW, on the other iPhone 15 models it is called ‘HEIF Max’.

You turn the function on or off at the top right of the Camera app before taking a photo. If you don’t see the option there, you must first enable it in the settings. You do this in the following way:

  1. Open the Settings app;

  2. Scroll down a bit and tap ‘Camera’;

  3. Now tap on ‘File Structures’.

hidden feature iPhone 15

On the iPhone 15 (Plus), you need to enable the ‘Resolution slider’ option here. On the Pro models, the function is called ‘ProRAW and resolution control’ and you set the ‘Pro standard’ to ‘ProRAW Max’.

Setting in the camera

If you now open the camera app, the hidden function on your iPhone 15 will be visible. If all goes well, you should now see ProRAW (Pro models) or HEIF MAX (iPhone 15 (Plus)) at the top right. If there is a line through it, the function is disabled. You can simply switch it on by tapping on it. In this mode, only use the 1x zoom and not the night mode, otherwise you will still use the 12 MP camera. Live Photos do not work in this mode either.

Now take a photo and then open the photo. Tap the ‘i’ at the bottom and you will see that it is a 48 MP photo. The resolution should then be 6048 x 8064 pixels. With ProRAW the file size will be around 100 MB, with HEIF Max around 5 MB. This makes HEIF Max perfect if you want to take sharper photos, but don’t want to use too much storage space. ProRAW is especially suitable if you want to edit the photo extensively or make a large crop.

hidden feature iPhone 15

Do you also want this hidden function?

If you want to use this hidden function, you need an iPhone 15 or an iPhone 14 Pro (Max). Your cheapest option is a standard iPhone 15, your best option is the iPhone 15 Pro Max. We have already collected the best deals for these two devices for you:

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