This Honda Civic is a standout survivor – In the Wild

Just fine for 41 years

This Honda Civic is a standout survivor – In the Wild

In the 80s and 90s, Honda Civics were hard to find in our country. Many examples from that time are no longer around today, but this one from 1983 is still there. Fresh and fruity, that is.

Many Honda dealers will probably think back wistfully to the time when many thousands of cars left the showroom every year. The Civic had the largest share of this and it went very fast, especially in the 1980s. Although this second generation Honda Civic was not as popular as its sharper-shaped successor, this Civic has also suffered a lot of wear and tear. In the year of manufacture of this copy spotted by colleague Joost Boers, 1983, Honda sold no fewer than 5,258 here.

There won’t be more than a few dozen of them now and they are probably not all as neat as this one. We spotted a little color difference here and there, but that’s about it. For the rest, the Japanese man, who is already 41 years old, still looks good. That is an achievement in itself, because rust was also a feared enemy on this Civic. If this Civic has not been welded or painted, it has probably just received very careful treatment from its owners. Special, because it is not really a special Civic. It is a luxury that, despite its name, was not even reserved for those with a very generous budget who shopped at the Civic dealer. Then you went for the S.

Honda Civic

About four months ago, someone was so charmed by the overall picture that they decided to take over this Civic. That is undoubtedly an enthusiast. The previous owner remained loyal to him for about seven years and got him through the inspections, occasionally with a report. The next MOT is scheduled for in about two months. If the optical condition reflects the technical condition, that should be fine!

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