This is how much it costs to make an Apple Vision Pro (spoiler: a lot!)

Apple’s VR glasses are not for sale here, but the American price tag does not lie. But how much does it cost to make a Vision Pro?

That’s how much it costs to make an Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro is quite expensive, because you pay for Apple’s VR/AR glasses in America $3500. The research agency Omdia provides some more clarity about the high price of the Apple Vision Pro. Because according to them, the material costs of the Apple Vision Pro are about $1,500.

This is how much it costs to make an Apple Vision Pro (spoiler: a lot!)

To be precise, the materials for the Apple Vision Pro cost $1,542. The most expensive part on the glasses is the 1.25-inch micro-OLED screen (the Apple Vision Pro uses two of these). These small screens are in the headset, one for each eye.

According to Omdia, Apple pays Sony $228 for each screen. This ensures that the screens are already almost a third of the material costs. After that, the two new chips in the headset are the most expensive. This is the M2 and the new R1 chip. According to Apple, the R1 chip is specially made to process input from the camera, sensors and microphones, among other things.

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You may think that the $1,500 material costs for making an Apple Vision Pro are not too bad, but you should not forget that there are also other costs. For example, consider the costs of assembling and distributing the glasses. In addition, there is also the necessary money for research, marketing and sales.

Apple Vision Pro: it can be even more expensive

Due to the advanced technology incorporated in the glasses, the Apple Vision Pro has a hefty price tag. The glasses are currently only for sale in America for $3,499. The Dutch prices are not yet known.

Do you want more storage? Then the price will be a bit higher. These are the different versions you can buy. So you see: it can be even more expensive.

  • 256GB: $3499
  • 512GB: $3699
  • 1 TB: $3899

The glasses were released in the United States on February 2, 2024. It is not yet known when the glasses will appear in the Netherlands.

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