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Few Centoventi, but also few C3

Fiat Panda PatentFiat Panda PatentFiat Panda PatentFiat Panda PatentFiat Panda PatentFiat Panda Patent

Fiat Panda Patent

This year Fiat is pulling the curtains on a completely new Panda. The Fiat Panda will be a technical sister model of the new and relatively cheap Citroën C3. Just like the Citroën, the new Panda will also have a fully electric version. AutoWeek can now show you the patent plates of what may be the brand new electric Fiat Panda from all angles. Would it be called Fiat Panda-e?

For the first time since 2011, Fiat is launching a brand new Panda this year, down to the smallest detail. The new Fiat Panda breaks in many areas from the now 13-year-old Panda that you now find in the Fiat showrooms. First of all: the new Fiat Panda will not be a direct successor to the old trusted Panda. At least, not since its market introduction. The old mild-hybrid Fiat Panda will be delivered next to the brand new model until at least 2026, in the same way as the technically completely different Fiat 500e and 500 Hybrid are delivered next to each other. Fiat will present the new Panda itself later this year, but AutoWeek has already found the patent plates of the new model for you, although we are still keeping our fingers crossed.

Fiat Centoventi

The Fiat Centoventi Concept from 2019.

In 2019, Fiat already broadly looked ahead to the new Panda with the Centoventi Concept, but very little of that study model remains in the new Panda. Is the new electric Fiat Panda that you see on these pictures mainly Citroën ë-C3? Also not. In fact, the Panda has mainly been given its own carriage. Although we see similarities with the ë-C3 in things such as the doors and the handles, everything else is different. From the hood to the front and from the third side windows – which the ë-C3 does not have – to the rear.

The electric Fiat Panda has a front with viewers slyly peering out into the world, which give the car a completely different face than the cuddly current model. Between the headlights we see a strip with a set of lines that Fiat will undoubtedly say refer to the vertical slots in the snout of the original Panda. Lower in the front we see playfully designed LED daytime running lights. Fiat did look at the Centoventi for the design of those lower-placed units. The ‘ribs’ that adorned the show car all around also seem to survive the transition to a production model.

Fiat Panda

The Fiat Panda as you know it today will continue to exist until at least 2026.

The rear of the Fiat Panda is happier. We see unique and square taillights with rounded corners, a nod to such shapes that you find in and around the current Panda. The rear lights are split in two by a strip running across the entire width of the bottom. Important detail: on these patent plates, things such as seams that separate bumper work and sheet metal are not visible. This therefore appears to be a not yet fully ‘completed’ variant of the new Panda. Don’t be surprised if the final version deviates from this model in detail.

Citroen ë-C3

There is very little C3 in the design of the new Fiat Panda.

While the Panda as you know it now remains under 3.7 meters, the Citroën ë-C3 is just over four meters long. The new Panda will therefore be unprecedentedly large for a Fiat with that name, although it remains a hatchback of modest size. In terms of size, the (electric) Panda seems to be a kind of successor to the Punto, after all, its last European incarnation was about 4.05 meters long.

What can you expect technically from the new and electric Fiat Panda? For the electric Panda, count on a 113 hp electric motor that drives the front wheels. Just like the Citroën ë-C3. For the 113 hp variant, we count on a battery pack of 44 kWh, good for a range of about 320 kilometers. We also expect a milder motorized variant that has to make do with a range of about 200 kilometers and that in exchange for a lower starting price also has less power. The new Fiat Panda will soon roll off the production line in Serbia.

Battle for the arm

Is this really the new Panda? It looks very similar, although we are keeping a tightrope. It is also possible that we have the patent plates of the new Fiat Uno for the South American market, although the drawings were simply recorded in Europe by Stellantis Europe. Don’t be fooled by the images showing the car from the side. The overhangs at the front and back of these types of patent plates are often larger than they actually are. Especially when viewed three-quarters from the rear, it is clear that this is not a model in the Fiat 600e segment. Also striking: Fiat has apparently already fixed the design in 2021.

Do you think the Fiat Panda is not a success, or is it not quite what you expected? Let us know in the comments!

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