This is how you can cancel Netflix

It won’t be long before spring arrives and usually that is accompanied by nicer weather. And you probably spend less time in front of the television. It would be a shame to pay for your Netflix subscription every month. Fortunately, you can also take a temporary break.

Canceling Netflix does not necessarily mean that you will never use the service again, but it may be that you have already seen many films and series and are waiting for your favorite series to continue (although you can also view the offer in other countries) .

It is possible that you do not purchase Netflix for a quarter and then be a subscriber for another six months. Fortunately, a lot is possible in that regard, because Netflix is ​​not like a telephone subscription. You do not agree to him for a specific time at the start of the subscription. A Netflix subscription can be canceled monthly.

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Cancel Netflix step-by-step

  • When exactly your Netflix subscription ends, that depends on when you entered into the subscription. But, of course you want to know how to stop it. This is how you do that.
  • Open the Netflix app and select your profile
  • Click on the three lines in the bottom right corner.
  • A menu will open where you can manage profiles, give Netflix to your friends for free and a smaller menu with app settings, your account, help and sign out.
  • Do not click on log out, as this only means that you log out of the app on that device. Go to Account
  • Netflix then opens a from the app Netflix page in the browser, where you can read everything about your account, such as membership and billing.
  • Click on the big gray button at the bottom of the page Cancel membership
  • To be sure, Netflix will ask you if you really want to cancel. It would of course be annoying if you accidentally tap that button a little too enthusiastically while scrolling and your subscription ends. It will tell you exactly when your cancellation will take effect (at the end of your current billing period). If you purchased Netflix with a gift card, you can keep watching until the full balance of the gift card is used up.
  • click on Complete cancellation if you are sure that you do not need Netflix for a while, possibly answer a question that Netflix has and your cancellation has been made.

Change subscription

It is also possible to only change your subscription. You can adjust which type of subscription you use at any time. Sometimes you might want to watch a movie in ultra-HD, while otherwise you’ll be fine with the cheapest subscription. It is always possible to change this in the ‘your account’ menu as described in the first steps above. Please note: the amount of the subscription fee also depends on how many screens can watch Netflix at the same time. In addition to Basic (7.99 euros per month), you can choose two screens (10.99 euros per month, with the advantage that you can also watch in HD) and four screens (13.99 euros, with the advantage that you can also watch in UltraHD).

If you share your subscription with others, it is therefore nice to inform them. If there are already too many people watching, you will get an error message.

Profile is not completely gone

It is useful to know that with your cancellation you do not necessarily have all your data removed. Netflix even reminds you in the cancellation process that if you resubscribe with that login within 10 months, you will keep all your profiles and favorites. That is of course very useful, especially if you are someone who occasionally Netflix for a month or two and then not for two months.

Even your viewing activity remains, so that you can continue watching exactly where you left off with all your series. The only downside to this is that if you leave it really long between that cancellation period and that start period, you’ll probably have to start an episode (or two) at the beginning, mainly for memory reasons, just to remember what you were watching.


Netflix still remains one of the most expensive streaming services you can currently choose from. A subscription will quickly cost you 11 to 14 euros per month. Not everyone is up for that. You can also consider other streaming services. There are many options available these days: from KPN Interactive TV to Upflix and Vevo. You can also stream movies for free through Plex, a streaming service similar to Netflix.

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