This is how you can fully charge the AirPods (and that’s how long it takes)

Have you ever found your AirPods not charging fully? We show you how to solve this and how long it takes to charge your AirPods.

This is how you can fully charge the AirPods (and that’s how long it takes)

If you have a set of AirPods, you probably know that sometimes the earbuds do not fully charge. In 99 percent of the cases, you don’t have to worry that your AirPods are broken, because limited charging is normal. Apple calls this feature Optimized Charging.

Charging AirPods

This feature limits the aging process of the battery in the earbuds. The AirPods (and your iPhone) learn your daily charging routine. The AirPods will then charge to 80 percent, unless they ‘know’ you need more.

It is a useful function, but sometimes it is not convenient and you want to have the AirPods fully charged. Then you have to go through the steps below.

Fully charge AirPods

  1. Open the AirPods case;

  2. Go to ‘Settings’ on your iPhone and tap the AirPods under your name;

  3. Scroll down until you see ‘Optimized charging’;

  4. Turn off the slider and choose ‘Turn off until tomorrow’.

Then close the charging case and charge the AirPods. Also make sure that you hang the box itself on the Lightning or USB-C cable (or charge it wirelessly).

AirPods pro 2 with USB-C

By choosing ‘Turn off until tomorrow’, the Optimized Charging function will automatically be turned on again. It is better to leave the function on as much as possible.

How long should you charge the AirPods?

Charging the AirPods in the charging case for five minutes will give you approximately 1 hour of listening time or 1 hour of talk time. This applies to the AirPods 3, AirPods Pro 1 and AirPods Pro 2. Apple does not provide any information about the exact time it takes to charge the charging case from 0 to 100 percent, but that is an average of a few hours. You need about an hour to fully charge the AirPods in the case.

AirPods Pro 2

Buy new AirPods

Do your AirPods really no longer want to charge and do they need to be replaced? Then you first have to decide which AirPods you want. Do you go for AirPods with noise canceling or without? The best AirPods without noise cancellation are the Apple AirPods 3. Below you will find the best deals!

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Do you prefer AirPods with noise cancellation? Then you should go to the AirPods Pro. They are a bit more expensive than the AirPods 3, but also have noise cancellation. For the best prices, check the overview below.

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