This is how you prevent your smartphone from overheating

Although summer is already over, your phone can still get way too hot. How can you prevent overheating and what can you do to cool down your smartphone?

Your phone’s battery can get quite hot, especially on hot days. If your device gets too hot, it switches itself off. This prevents the smartphone from going up in flames, which in the past ever happened.

Usually you will receive a signal in time that the device is too hot and that it will be switched off. You can de smartphone only turn it on again when it has cooled down. Until then, you cannot use your device.

You can prevent overheating by not placing your phone directly in the sun. This of course sounds like an open door, but if you are relaxing by the pool, it sometimes falls short. Leaving your phone in a hot car is never a good idea either.

Furthermore, it is wise not to use your device too much at high outside temperatures. It helps to use certain functionalities that you do not use, such as bluetooth, wifi or GPS, to turn off. Because the more rest you give your phone, the less hot the device gets.

It is also recommended to charge your phone with the official adapter that you received with the purchase of your smartphone. Cheap third party chargers can also cause overheating.

Battery life and charging
Always use the official charger that came with your phone.

You can do this

Does your phone still get very hot? Then make sure you at least remove your smartphone from the charger and put it in a cool place. Switch off your smartphone completely to give the processor some rest, and remove the protective cover if necessary.

To cool your phone faster, consider putting it under an air conditioner or even in the fridge, but don’t forget to take it out! Leave the device off for at least 15 minutes, but preferably longer, to give it a chance to cool down.

If the phone stays very hot or you even hear a hissing sound or see a bulge on the back, then it’s wrong. Place the appliance on a non-combustible surface for a while to prevent it from catching fire. Then take the phone directly to your phone supplier and have it inspected by experts.


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