This is how you respond in Instagram Stories with a photo or video

You can now respond in Instagram Stories via a photo or video. Of course you can make the images more fun before you send them.

Respond in Instagram Stories with a photo or video

Instagram is rolling out an important update for the Stories. When viewing a story from an Instagram friend, it was already possible to respond with a text message. Now you can also respond with a photo or video. These images can of course be made more fun through stickers, just like the stories that you publish yourself.

A nice part of this function is that you get the option to place a special sticker when responding. This sticker shows the story you are responding to. You can see how that works in the screenshots above.

This update is important because it changes the way Instagram Stories is used. Instead of one person taking pictures, you now get an image conversation. For example, answer a video of a nice dog with a photo of your own dog, or someone’s selfie with its own selfie. To respond with your own images, take the following steps.

  1. Open Instagram;
  2. View Instagram Stories of the people you follow by tapping a head at the top of the screen at ‘stories’;
  3. Are you watching the story of one of your Instagram friends and want to comment? Then tap the camera at the bottom of the screen;
  4. Choose by swiping whether you are taking a photo, video or boomerang and record;
  5. Use the buttons at the top of the screen to make your image more fun with stickers, text and more before sending.

If someone responds to your story with a photo or video, it will be in your inbox. To use the new function you need the latest version of Instagram.

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