This is how you send photos as originals (highest quality) via WhatsApp

WhatsApp has yet another new feature. From now on it is possible to send photos in the highest (original) quality. Here you can read how to do that.

Send photos in highest quality via WhatsApp

If you have ever sent photos to your friends or family via WhatsApp, you have probably noticed that the quality of the images is a lot less. This is because WhatsApp makes the photo a bit smaller by default.

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Sometimes that is not a problem, but when you forward a nice photo via WhatsApp to someone else to keep, you naturally want the best (and original) quality. Fortunately, this is now possible with a new function. You will then have to send the photo via WhatsApp in a different way.

Don’t have the position yet? Then you have to update the app. Sometimes it can also take a few days before you get the update.

Send photo in highest (original) quality via WhatsApp

  1. Open a conversation in WhatsApp;

  2. Tap the plus sign at the bottom left;

  3. Choose ‘Document’;

  4. Tap ‘Choose a photo or video’;

  5. Select the photo (or video) you want.

The photo is then sent in the highest quality via WhatsApp. There is a small limit. You can only send files smaller than 2 GB. You won’t get that easily for photos, but video files can become so large quite quickly.

More new features for WhatsApp

WhatsApp has been rolling out more new features lately. Earlier this year, WhatsApp introduced chat locks to help users protect their sensitive conversations.

But recently they went one step further with the launch of the ‘secret code’. This is an extra layer of security to make your chats even harder to find, even if someone has access to your iPhone or you share your phone with others.

Knowing more? You’ve been waiting for this WhatsApp feature for years

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