This is how you set up multiple Chrome profiles

This is how you set up multiple Chrome profiles

If you use the same computer with different family members to explore the internet with Chrome, it is best to work with separate user profiles. But even if you have the computer all to yourself, there are excellent reasons to set up different Chrome profiles.

Step 1: Add

You use the browser for different purposes. Sometimes you explore the Internet for work, then again to use social media and then for your hobbies or for shopping.

If you work with different usage profiles, you can keep the influx of bookmarks and extensions in Chrome separate per profile. That way you have the right bookmarks at hand much faster and only the extensions that you really need are loaded.

Most modern browsers support different user profiles. We explain how it works in Chrome. To set up a new profile, click the user icon in the top right corner of Chrome. Soon you will find the list of available profiles there to start a new tab session. There you choose the assignment Add. This is how you get to the window Set up your Chrome profile.

You can set up profiles for various ways you use the internet.

Step 2: Name and Appearance

If you already Chrome user you can use your Google credentials here. But you can also continue without an account. You give this profile a new name. Click in the box with the black figure to select an avatar for this profile. Below that, it is possible to give Chrome a separate theme color. This way you can see which profile you are using even faster later on.

At the bottom you can activate the option to place a shortcut on the desktop. That way you can quickly get started with your own personalized tabs and bookmarks. Confirm with a click on the button Finished.

A different avatar and theme color make the profile more recognizable.

Step 3: Further Adjust

In the next window you can further personalize the browser. Chrome already prompts you to add bookmarks for Gmail, YouTube, Maps, News, and Translate. In the next step you select a new background. After that, it is possible to synchronize your own Google account with the desired profile, so that your bookmarks and all passwords are transferred. If you enable this, of course, the usefulness of separate profiles is lost.

If you still want to change the looks of a profile later, go to the profile icon at the top right and click on the pencil next to the icon.

Chrome wants to link the Google apps to your profile.

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