This is Lotus’ first electric SUV!

This is Lotus’ first electric SUV!Lotus SUV patentLotus SUV patentLotus SUV patentLotus SUV patentLotus SUV patentLotus SUV patentLotus SUV patent

In an era in which a Hummer is an electric SUV and Ford puts the name ‘Mustang’ on an electric high-legged vehicle, a fully electric SUV from Lotus can no longer be missed. Lotus will soon be pulling the curtain on the Type 132, but unfortunately for the company, we can already show you that electric SUV from all angles.

In the database of the Australian patent office, we turned up the patent drawings of the Lotus Type 132. The Type 132 is not only the first SUV from Lotus, it is also the very first fully electric car of the brand. All sacred Lotus houses are skillfully razed to the ground by parent company Geely.

Lotus SUV patent

Lotus Type 132

You can of course find what you want from a Lotus electric SUV, but it will probably be the worst of the brand. The Cayenne and Macan have ensured good sales figures for Porsche for years, the DBX delivers Aston Martin record sales and the Urus stands lonely at the top of Lamborghini’s sales statistics. The design of Lotus’ Type 132 – which will probably still get a real model name – undoubtedly opens up too many tongues.

Lotus’ electric SUV has slyly peering into the world and a swept back roofline that meets the rising shoulder line at the C-pillar. Entirely in accordance with the guidelines in the Great Handbook Autodesign 2022, the SUV has rear lights that cover the entire width of the buttocks. The rear is special in more ways, because at the top of the rear window we see a roof spoiler built in two parts. In the middle of it is a striking module, a copy that we also see on the front of the roof. These are undoubtedly the lidar modules. Indeed, the electric SUV from Lotus must also be able to find its way through traffic autonomously.

The Type 132 is not the only EV from Lotus. In 2023, an electric four-door coupé will be added (Type 133). A year later, Lotus expands with a second electric SUV. An electric sports car will not follow until 2026. Lotus EVs will receive a battery pack with a capacity of up to 99.6 kWh and will produce 884 hp in their most powerful form, although there will probably also be less outrageous motorized engine versions.

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