This is what you can expect from the new Windows 21H2 update

Windows 10 users who have signed up to test new versions of Microsoft’s operating system have recently been notified that a new update is waiting for them. Microsoft made some big improvements to a handful of well-known features within Windows 10.

Windows Latest tech website reports that the new version of Windows, code-named 21301, will be part of a big one Windows 10update scheduled for later in the year. It may be the 21H2 update.

Floating start menu

As part of the update, Microsoft appears to have made some tweaks to the menus you get when you right-click on an app in the taskbar. Normally you will see some options like Close window or Pin to taskbar, in addition to some app-specific options such as recently opened files or recently played songs. It looks like Microsoft will be adding some more options to these menus, including the ability to go directly to an app’s file location in File Explorer. In addition, it can sometimes take a while before the menu actually appears: that should be a thing of the past in the new update.

Furthermore, the start menu is being tackled and it is probably no longer part of the taskbar, but the start menu floats slightly above it. Expect a new search bar and a new widget with news and interests in the floating start menu.


The design of the digital keyboard will also be overhauled, which you will especially notice if you have a tablet or a 2-in-1 Windows laptop. There are also new gestures for these users, which make it even easier to minimize windows, among other things. Furthermore, the spelling check is being taken care of, as is the option to fill in automatically.


Many other details also show that the emphasis of the next update will be on a new design. Among other things, the Alarms and Clock app will be redesigned, just like many other apps designed by Microsoft itself.

But the 21H2 update won’t be purely cosmetic. There will also be a handy battery function that should give you a clearer picture of which apps use a lot of energy on the basis of a graph. Microsoft will probably also offer you some tools to prevent your battery from draining quickly, but not much is known about this yet.

Microsoft has also not yet confirmed when the update will come. Tech website WindowsCentral speculates that this could be on Oct. 10, but more clarity on that will come later.


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