This is why Apple may be turning the apple

Apple recently hinted that it may rotate the iconic logo on the back of future iPads. You need to know this.

This is why Apple is going to spin the apple

Apple industrial designer Molly Anderson brought up the possibility of running the Apple logo on future iPads in an interview with Numerama. The change is in response to the growing trend of users to use their iPad primarily in landscape mode. This mainly happens when using accessories such as the Magic Keyboard, but of course also when watching videos.

The iPad was originally designed as a device that you use in portrait mode. Over the years, however, the iPad has evolved into a notebook and TV replacement for many users. On the new iPad Pro, Apple has also moved the front camera to the center of the screen. This is useful for video calls, for example, when the iPad is held in landscape mode.

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Since the release of iPadOS 14.5, the Apple logo on the home screen adapts to the orientation in which the iPad is held. So Apple is already turning the apple there. This could be a harbinger of the possible redesign of the logo on the back of future iPads.

While Anderson’s statement is somewhat vague, it’s rare for Apple employees to make statements they can’t back up. Her confirmation that people are increasingly using iPads in landscape mode in recent years could be an indication that Apple is seriously considering rotating the apple.

A change in logo orientation may seem purely cosmetic, but it could also be a new way to present the iPad and its changing usage patterns. If users continue to use the iPad as a laptop replacement, it will be a better fit for the device when Apple actually starts running the apple.

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