This nameless electric Toyota never came: missed opportunity?

Electric Toyota that didn’t make the cut


The Toyota bZ4X is not the first fully electric Toyota. Various electric versions of the RAV4 preceded that car, among others. Today we can show you an unnamed electric Toyota that never made it to market.

In October, the American branch of Toyota’s design department – ​​CALTY Design Research – presented us with photos of a set of study models that it has never before shown to the outside world. This included an interesting design proposal for the fourth generation of the Toyota Supra. That design proposal remained what it was: a proposal. CALTY Design Research is now releasing a new series of photos of never-before-seen study models and design proposals.

Perhaps the most interesting of these is an unnamed hatchback. That three-door Toyota created the American design center for Toyota so that the company could estimate how a possible electric hatchback from the brand could dry up. Unfortunately, it is unknown what year the car dates from, although CALTY indicates that it was signed before the introduction of the first generation Prius – in 1997. The car has two small seats in the back and, according to its designers, is mainly intended for city driving. What is striking are the thin tires for the lowest possible rolling resistance and the overall slick shape of the three-door. Unfortunately, CALTY only releases one photo of it. This EV did not materialize, but Toyota is now working hard on a series of electric models, each of which will be available.


Another interesting never released model from Toyota is called X86D. The blue study model is a kind of hatchback or station version based on the Scion FR-S, the version of the Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ of Toyota’s now defunct ‘hip brand’ Scion.


We conclude with the Unique Future High Performance Concept. That car, made in 1989, looks as if a role in a Batman movie was tailor-made for it. Also notable: it has an unspecified mid-engine that is placed high above the rear deck, according to CALTY for efficient cooling of the machine. The windshield should even be able to be laid flat.

Which of these never-released Toyotas would you have liked to see a production version of?

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