This new feature makes WhatsApp much more secure (and here’s how it works)

WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will make the chat service much more secure. This is how the new security feature on WhatsApp works!

New security on WhatsApp

Good news if you use WhatsApp on the iPhone, because a new security method will be added soon. WhatsApp has released a new test version, showing that passkeys is finally coming to the iPhone. With this feature, it is no longer necessary to come up with a password yourself, making WhatsApp much more secure.

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WhatsApp announced last year that it was working on support for passkeys. Android users can already use the function, but the security feature has not yet been added to iOS. That is now changing, because passkeys will reportedly soon come to WhatsApp on the iPhone. We will tell you why the feature makes WhatsApp much more secure!

whatsapp function more secure

Passkeys makes WhatsApp much more secure

You can already secure your WhatsApp account with a six-digit code. You must then enter that code when you open WhatsApp on your iPhone again (after a certain period). You also need a password or PIN code if you want to log in to WhatsApp on another device. There is a good chance that you no longer remember what exactly that code is, but with passkeys on WhatsApp you no longer have to.

Instead, the new feature secures your account with Face ID or Touch ID. This means that a written password or PIN code is no longer required. This has several advantages, such as you no longer have to remember a password and bystanders cannot view your PIN code on WhatsApp. Another important advantage is that your security data with passkeys is less sensitive to a data breach.


Feature coming to iPhone soon

PIN codes and passwords will soon no longer be necessary for WhatsApp. It is expected that WhatsApp will be much more secure with the new function, also on the MacBook or other devices. Passkeys works with all devices, so you don’t have to enter a password on your laptop. Does the device not have Face or Touch ID? Then you are dependent on other security methods.

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It is therefore expected that WhatsApp will continue to support PIN codes, but will simply add another security option. This makes WhatsApp a lot more secure with paskeys. That is not the only change that WhatsApp will soon implement, because it will finally be possible to send apps to Telegram or Messenger accounts. Read here how that works!

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