This new Spotify feature is great (but Apple Music has had it for a long time)

Spotify has introduced a new feature that makes streaming music much more fun. And it’s about time, because Apple Music has had the feature for a long time.

Spotify rolls out new feature

Do you regularly listen to music on Spotify? Then we have good news, because the music service will soon add a new function to the app. With the new feature, you will also see music videos when you listen to songs on Spotify. According to the company, music videos are an important addition to the listening experience, especially since many users nowadays no longer see the videos at all.

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You can watch the videos both horizontally and vertically, depending on what you prefer. Most music videos are meant to be viewed horizontally, so that’s probably the best way if you want to see the entire video. Spotify is not rolling out the new feature to everyone, so the videos only come to the Premium version of the service. Moreover, Spotify is only bringing the feature to a limited number of countries.

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Music videos available in these 11 countries

The Netherlands is one of the eleven countries where the new function will be available on Spotify. Other countries include Germany, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Brazil, Colombia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Kenya and the United Kingdom. The feature is available in these countries in the Spotify app for phone, laptop (or computer) and television. Unfortunately, Belgium will have to wait a little longer for the music videos in the app.

Spotify has already added the new function to a test version of the app. It is expected that all users will have access to the music videos in the coming weeks. You can then decide whether to play the video or simply keep the old screen layout. After the update a button will appear with ‘Switch to video‘ above the song title. So you are not obliged to play the music videos.

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Limited number of artists get music videos

Spotify will likely roll out the new feature to all Premium subscriptions in the coming weeks. In the beginning, the music videos will not be available very often, because not all artists support the new feature yet. It has been confirmed that at least Ed Sheeran, Doja Cat and Ice Spice will be adding music videos to the app. Other artists will probably follow later.

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The feature may be new to Spotify, but Apple Music has had the music videos for a long time. It is therefore time for Spotify to add the feature to the app. The music service has not (yet) given a precise release date for the music videos, but it is expected that it will not be long. This makes listening to music on Spotify a lot more fun. Would you rather not have the position? Then you can always switch it off yourself with ‘Switch to audio‘.

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