This Nissan Cima is an elderly gentleman – In the Wild

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This Nissan Cima is an elderly gentleman – In the Wild

If you are looking for luxury, this Nissan Cima is the right place for you. This luxury horse from the 1990s is characteristic of the glory days of the Japanese car market.

The Japanese car industry has produced a lot of iconic cars in the last century. Brands such as Toyota and Nissan were busy producing top sedans. In response to the Toyota Crown, Nissan came up with the Cima. In Japan, the Cima served as an alternative to better-known models such as the Mercedes-Benz E-class.

The copy in the photos for which we can thank the undersigned’s father is one from the third generation that was produced from 1996 onwards. The V8 emblem is stuck on the rear next to the nameplate. The Cima was equipped with a 3.0 V6 as standard, but was also available with a 4.1 V8. With the latter you got four-wheel drive. If you can choose…

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Nissan Cima

What is special about the Cima is that it was very luxuriously equipped for its time. Electric windows, electrically adjustable mirrors, air conditioning, electrically adjustable front and rear seats and a digital instrument cluster were all available. Furthermore, the Cima was the first Nissan with adaptive cruise control. From the outside it is difficult to tell that you are dealing with a Nissan. A brand logo is nowhere to be found.

This Nissan Cima has been in the possession of the current owner for over a year now. They imported it from abroad in March 2023. That had to be, because the Cima was never delivered in the Netherlands. Nissan’s idea was to keep it exclusive to the Japanese market, but in America it was sold as the Infiniti Q45. The neat condition of the exterior reveals that this Cima is well taken care of. It really looks super sleek, despite the somewhat dull headlights. Certainly in the Dutch street scene, a Nissan Cima is and remains a rare and special appearance.

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